Saturday, April 5, 2014

Remember Wiltshire Cottage?

Months ago I bought the Westville Dollhouse Kit by Greenleaf.
  I put the main parts together and then had no more time for it. That was back in November!  After visiting many blogs out there, it dawned on me that I could work on it one room at a time while I work on all my commissions.  I decided to start with the kitchen. Although, I've already cheated by working on some garden items. My plan is already falling apart.  : D
 I start all my project with some sort of inspiration.  It came from Pinterest. I saw someone's board filled with happy, whimsical pastel colors. The first thing I made was this upper cabinet.  It started it's life as a kitchen hutch with the top and bottom attached together. It was a bit too short for me. So I separated them with my box cutter.  I painted it off white with acrylic paint. Then I used paper to line the interior.  I made the bunting with scraps of fabrics. And I glued clear plastic for the doors.
Next, I found some more inspiration around my workroom for what this kitchen would look like.  I had this cardboard backing for stickers with polka dots, the ridged cardboard from Hobby Lobby's scrapbook isle, a curtain from another project, and a sign I painted a while back. This is what I want my kitchen to feel like- happy, light, airy. ♥
  I applied big craft sticks for my wide plank wood floor and painted it white.  I saw Kim Saulter's (of Kimsminiatures/It's a Miniature Life) kitchen and fell in love with the idea of a pantry closet.
I made a very simple casing from wood veneer. This is a view from the back. Just 2 sides, a shelf on the bottom and a shelf on the top with a front cover to make the cabinet shorter. I didn't want to stack food all the way to the ceiling.
This is the bottom back.  That bottom shelf will be about 1/4" off the floor.
And the front. The top part is a little over an inch wide. 
I added some framing pieces 1/4" wide around the door opening, a little molding on the bottom(just a thin piece of veneer over another), put in shelves.  I made a door with screen material(I got a roll at the hardware store. It's to fix your real screens on your real house.)  Made the frame of the door that faces out with veneer wood and the inside frame to hide the glued down screen with cardboard.  I also added a little light from Evan Designs:
 And of course, WAIT FOR IT!.... I made a couple of mistakes! First, I  should have left space in front of the 3 bottom shelves so the light could reach all the way to the bottom of the pantry. Oops! And-
The door opens on the wrong side. Double oops.  The thing is that I thought about it while I was making the cabinet. Then I go and put it on the wrong side anyways. : / Really???? Oh well! Either I will ignore this wee little problem or I will move the pantry to another wall. Will decide later.
And finally, I made a miniature paper towel wall holder. It was suppose to go on the side of the pantry next to a sink. But of course, now I'm not sure! :/
It was so simple to make. I took a little piece of left over veneer 1" long x 3/8" wide and a little dowel that I cut to a 7/8" length. The ends have a little round bead glued on. Then I used a piece of real paper towel cut to a 7/8" width x 1/2".  I got the paper towel to stay in a little rippled position by wetting my finger and positioning the paper the way I wanted it to stay. Got that trick from Elizabeth at StudioEMiniatures.
Now I need a stove and a sink. I'll try to make a stove. If that works out I'll share it with ll of you.
Till next time hugs♥,


  1. Great to see you have made a start on your house. I've got a couple of hutches that are too short and you have made me look at them with a new light. Perhaps I can use them for other than they were intended.

  2. I can't wait to see how it will work out ! Sounds very promising as always :)

  3. At least you started again. I have fabric for doll clothes that I am trying to sew up but not enough hours in the day. I wish I had a space where I don't have to set up and take down, then maybe I could get things done. I like the use of pastels, I think it will be a little charm to a room.

  4. Oh, I love your a kitchen hutch! I am planing something like that to 'my kitchen' too. Yes, and the house looks so promising. Surely it will be as adorable as your houses always are.
    Caroline, I am so happy you told us about your 'oops'. :D What a relief..I am not oopsing alone!! :D
    HUGS, piikko
    PS. One more your little light a kind of led light? Did you make it yourself or bought it from somewhere?

  5. Hi Pikko! I'm glad you like my oopses. LOL! :)
    The little lights are kits from Evan Designs:
    I'll put that in the post too. Thanks for asking.

  6. Estoy deseando verla terminada, seguro que es una preciosidad.
    Un abrazo.

  7. Hi Caroline!
    Best of luck with the Westville. I love that model. So charming. In fact, Fr. Kevin calls the Westville home. It has become the rectory of Holy Family Parish. Just big enough for a church with only one priest.
    Hugs to you

  8. Interesting that you're doing something for yourself, this time. I love your shelf with light in.

  9. О! Это замечательно! Вы меня вдохновляете!!! Я счастлива присутствовать при начале строительства! Мне нравятся ваши шкафы! Я очень люблю такое сочетание цветов! Удачи!

  10. Un comienzo fantástico de la casa!!! La pequeña alacena es preciosa y la despensa (aunque abra para el lado equivocado) me gusta mucho!!! Seguiré tus avances.

  11. Hi Caroline! So you are playing with cupboards, just like I do at this very moment ;)! I think it is a good idea to put light in there, now you have to shorten the shelves. That you made some little mistakes, well.....that's human, huh ;)? I often have mistakes, but I think we can learn from them, isn't it? At least: I do :D! I can't wait to see your progress on this house, it looks great so far.
    Hugs, Ilona

  12. I'm sooooooooo happy that you are building a doll house for yourself!! You usually build for other people's joy but this time will be for you!!! :) You did a great job and as for the mistakes....well...I would say "thanks for those"!!!! Otherwise we would not learn!! You surely learn more when you make mistakes than when everything goes well and smooth!! Really looking forward to this transformation Caroline!!!!
    I hope you are completely well now with your calf muscle problem.
    Big hug!!!

  13. A nice prject. I like this cottage and your work in it. I'm curious to see the progress.

  14. Can't wait to see it finished! I get like that with mistakes, I leave them and then they start bugging me so much that I have to do something about it...I figure if it doesn't bug me too much then it can stay as is:)

  15. Thank you for the link! ♥
    Hugs, piikko

  16. Vaya, esta casa es mas grande y tendrá mas trabajo, que estoy deseando ver.
    Hasta ahora es fantástica.
    Un abrazo.

  17. You also have oops lol I am delighted that you are doing a house for yourself and am looking forward to watching its progress. I love your kitchen wall cupboard. Thanks for all the fantastic ideas.
    Hugs Maria

  18. The Westville is a really cute little house. I love the idea of using pastel colors.
    Your pantry and little cupboard look great! Cannot wait to seeing them filled with goodies.

  19. It's a great project!
    Unforeseen happen and we learn more and more with each 'mistake'.

  20. Hoi Caroline,
    het ziet er nu al spannend uit.
    ik ben weer heel benieuwt naar het eind resultaat.
    ik heb een nieuwe blog speciaal voor mijn foto's.
    groetjes Marja

  21. It's always so fun to watch your process, Caroline. I love the pantry you made and have wanted one for a while too. Your mini paper towel holder is so whimsical and sweet--thanks so much for the tutorial! Can't wait to see more on this house! xo Jennifer

  22. love the vintage pink stove! can't wait to see Wiltshire Cottage completed. i am sure it will be brilliant. my favorite is Miss read's english cottage. Can you build that in 1" scale? isn't that the buttercup?

  23. love the vintage pink stove! can't wait to see Wiltshire Cottage completed. i am sure it will be brilliant. my favorite is Miss read's english cottage. Can you build that in 1" scale? isn't that the buttercup?

    1. Thanks Brittany! I don't remember if that was the Buttercup. Too many dollhouses! LOL! I remember buying one Buttercup to learn what half scale was. I made that one grey. But whether I purchased another one or made this from scratch I couldn't tell you right now. I have to reach back into the abyss of my brain. :D It can definitely be made into 1" scale though. hugs♥

  24. Wonderful a dollhouse for yourself! I like the idea of the pantry for the kitchen. The little hutch is really gorgeous. I truly looking forward to seeing more. I'll be patient as I know it isn't your only project.

  25. I love the upper cabinet. Very cute! And the pantry closet is very nice! I wanted one for my kitchen too, but didn't have room for it... Thank you for showing all these pictures, I get so inspired I might just keep working on my kitchen now as well =)