Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Fairy Godmother's Cottage Custom Dollhouse

The Fairy Godmother's Cottage is my newly completed custom dollhouse.  This house is a 1/12 scale. It's 18 1/4" tall x 16 1/2" deep x 16 3/4" across.
The pumpkin is ready out front! I made the little toadstool mushrooms from air dry clay. 
 The house is covered with concrete and plaster for the walls. The roof is coconut mat(from the hardware store in the indoor plant section) and bark.

 All the vines are from Hobby Lobby. Click on the Resources tab above to get the links.

 There's a simple little light above the door.

 The switch and battery for all the lights are in the chimney.

 The interior had to look super old.
 I put the pantry with the screen door in the entryway.
 I found a whole bunch of tiny sand dollars on my trip to Florida a couple weeks ago.  I framed this one in a very simple frame I made. The grey background really makes it stand out.

 Stove tutorial:

 Mara's super spiral stairs tutorial was such a blessing!

 Want to make your own boiling over pot?  Here's the tutorial:
This is the collection of dress paintings I made. They look perfect behind the spiral stairs.
 The bedroom is upstairs.  I put the daybed here with a little bench.  Bench tutorial :

I hope you had fun looking at the photos. And maybe it gave you some great ideas for your own project.
Of course I'm already onto the next projects. I'm working on two trailers. One small and one regular size.  I've already cut them out of wood.  And I will do that daybed tutorial for you!  Stay tuned! Wishing you a magical day!!!
big hugs♥,


  1. Super cute! All of the little details make the house so perfect. Thanks for your advice on scrapbook paper. I think I will try it out on scrap wood first. I will use Yes, the wallpaper glue that I have been using because it is water soluble and strips out easily. I look forward to the day bed tutorial. Great work.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful project, simply gorgeous!

  3. Otra maravilla de las tuyas!!! Me gusta ese aire campestre,el tejado de fibra de coco es perfecto y el detalle de la calabaza en la entrada,me parece tan especial!!! Preciosa tanto por dentro como por fuera!

  4. ooooh! OMG! I have been puzzled! I could not tell what I like most of all .... it is that I love everything, every single detail! your photos are great too and your work is really spectacular! very good job, Caroline! congratulations, it's amazing!
    A big mini hugs, my friend! ❤️

  5. Hi Caroline,
    your new creation is perfect and very realistic. I like the realistic effect of bricks, moss and plants. Good job! hugs, Marisa

  6. This house is really full of charm and I find it perfect for the season with its autumnal colours. the inside is great too, I like very much the cooker.

  7. Enchanting! The walls with the bricks are fantastic. I love the many details.

  8. I love everything, Caroline! The details are amazing as always. It's a little fantasy world and it took me to a special place when I was looking at it. You are so very talented.

    1. Thank you for the sweet compliment! And thanks again for catching that setting problem on Facebook. big hugs♥

  9. Qué maravilla!!! Qué gran idea ese tejado de paja... Me encanta el acabado de la pared donde está la calabaza... ♥ En realidad, me entusiasma todo, por dentro y por fuera, es una casita de ensueño, un espacio encantador!!! Resulta tan especial!!!
    Un abrazo! :)

  10. Thank You Caroline for this Amazing tour of your Fairy Godmother's cottage! What a Beautiful job you have done making this storybook creation a feast for the eyes both inside and out!
    I particularly like the way you have aged and detailed the exterior walls and contrived the roof- WOW!
    It is a Visual Enchantment from the floors to the rafters. :D


  11. El aspecto exterior es maravilloso. El tejado, las paredes desconchadas pero llenas de plantas, el detalle de las setas... El interior cálido y acogedor. Es todo genial.

  12. Oh, this has Got to be one of the cutest houses Ever!!! I LOVE the whole thing.... it must be the "very old" part that gets me every time! LOL! Your furnishings are wonderful too! And I can't Believe those Sand-dollars!!!! What a lucky lucky find! You have made another fantastic little "Dream" house!!!

  13. I am dying Caroline!!! This one is spectacular! I love love love the arched doorway! And to frame the little sea dollar, how creative! Every little detail is just perfect, you are simply amazing!!!

    I haven't worked on my mini's since we moved but I'm having major withdrawal's, especially after seeing this!

  14. Ik krijg altijd zo,n warm gevoel als ik naar je huisjes kijk ik wil daar graag in wonen dank je voor het kijken er naar lieve groetjes Danielle

  15. OH WOW! That is stunning. I love the tilewalls<3

  16. Caroline, this is an amazing beautifully made house.I love the exterior and the bay window, it gives me the feeling of a place lost in a forest, surrounded by magic =). I love love love it!!!

    Hugs dear friend!

  17. This is just beautiful - what a wonderful talent you have. :)

  18. This cottage is so sweet. Fairy godmother has got to live somewhere! So clever. We think so much alike, Caroline. I'm working on a book with a fairy as a character. Must b something in the air. Cheers luv! ; )

  19. Love it! 💕 Inside and out! Love the decorating details, you are amazing. 😘

  20. I love love this cottage. It is wonderful I love all the amazing details. Gorgeous house.
    Hugs Maria

  21. ok now this is a Caroline house, the detail is just amazing! if you hadn't told us how you built it I would assume it was all brick. another wonderful creation!


  22. Dear Caroline, thank you for the link. Your house is so beautiful!!! You allways have my admiration.

  23. Super!!!!❤️ Dopo la casetta con il fenicottero rosa, non so se con il numero 88 alla ports, questa, per ora, resta la preferita!

  24. The house is like from a fairytale, Thank you so much for sharing! hugs,