Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Fairy Godmother's Cottage Dollhouse

My new dollhouse is The Fairy Godmother's Cottage. Despite the name, this house is not an over the top magic theme. Rather it's a cozy, old world look. You know the usual! I've made all my furniture already.
The vintage stove tutorial is here:
 Most of the furniture is made with 1/16" x 4" x 24" bass wood.
The little chair is from Hobby Lobby.  I just painted it and added a cushion. I don't know where that pumpkin came from. But I made the table, stool, crates, books(see that big book with the wand on it?), basket, mushrooms and all the little plants.
I made paintings, mirror, and a wreath.  I had to make a collection of dress paintings for a Fairy Godmother!  I think these will go in the stairs area.
I made an upholstered chair, a mantel and a pantry with a screen door.
This is the furnishing for the bedroom upstairs.
 These daybeds are my new obsession. I'll have to do a tutorial on them for you.
 The legs are stair spindles.
 The curtains are ready. They are sprayed with hairspray so they hang correctly. A tip from LibertyBiberty.
I made spiral stairs for this dollhouse. The tutorial is here:
Mara did a fantastic job explaining this. It just took me a couple of hours. You spend most of the time waiting for stuff to dry. I made a couple of changes. Like Mara's instructions called for 2 hand fans so you could double up the steps to make them stronger. I didn't see that and only ordered one fan from China(which took over a month to get here!). So I just did sing ply steps and it worked anyways. Also my pole is 1/8" wide by however tall you need it. 
It looks intimidating but it is very easy to do. Give it a try. It's great because it doesn't take up much room and has so much charm. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Mara!
The house is almost done and I can't wait to show you!
Have a fantastic week!


  1. Beautiful pieces! I look forward to seeing the house! I love your stove and also the bed!

  2. Fantastic, Caroline! I found fans at a thrift store last week and passed on picking them up. I would have given them to the granddaughters.Now I will a look out for them. I am in love with the daybed! I am curious as to how you get the embellishment on the back. I do have a question of you: I am having a very hard time finding wallpaper from the online catalogs and Itsy Bitsy. I know that you have used scrapbook paper. Do you treat it in any way to strengthen it? Does it hold up the same as real wall paper? You have made some very exciting furnishing, so I am very excited to see the Fairy Godmother's house. It will be charming!

    1. Hi Ann, for the scrapbook I use spray glue to get a nice adhere. Just do a test on scrap wood to get the feel of it. But most of my houses are vintage looks so I apply white glue so I can get bubbles, wrinkles... You know me and that shabby look! LOL! hugs

  3. I am excited to see it all together! I could definitely use the tutorial for the daybed!

  4. Hi, dear Caroline!
    Your furniture is great! Lace bed very comfortable. Spiral staircase worthy to be in plain sight. Everything was just wonderful!
    Looking forward to when the furniture will stand in the rooms.
    Hugs ♥

  5. Hello Caroline

    Such a lovely items and furnitures as usual and those rustic stairs are soooo beautiful!

    Best Regards:Lea

  6. Oh did a amazone Job again...hobby lobby is such a great store...we need that here in Holland ��
    Have a wonderfull day....


  7. Congratulations Caroline for their beautiful creations in miniature. a hug, Marisa

  8. Es precioso todo lo que has hecho hasta ahora, estoy deseando ver tu nueva casa con esas maravillas.
    Un abrazo

  9. Oh my goodness Caroline, you just continue to outdo yourself with these mini's!!! The daybed is to die for! Can't wait for a tutorial:) The little staircase is incredible, not sure I could pull that one off! Love everything you do:)

  10. ENCHANTING as usual Caroline!
    I am a BIG FAN of your spiral staircase Caroline and your daybed too- Beautifully done and I am anxious to see how you will place each little treasure inside your Fairy Godmother's Cottage; Bibitty Boppity Boo! :D


  11. Hola Carolina! Has hecho un trabajo magnífico. La cama me ha encantado. Tienes que poner el tutorial cuando puedas. La escalera te ha quedado impresionante.

  12. Es de amor a primera vista! Todo está lleno del encanto que tiene todo lo que haces. Me encanta! Tus sillones me vuelven loca, la cama es impresionante, la escalera maravillosa! Yo tampoco puedo esperar a verlo todo en su lugar!!! :)
    Qué bien lo haces, felicidades!!!