Friday, April 8, 2022

La Patisserie - a Commissioned Dollhouse

 La Patisserie will be my next commission project. This is for Katie who loved the Maison de Thee I had done. She wanted something a little bigger but keeping the same feel.  

To start I cut out the house made of tempered hardboard with my scroll saw.

Then everything gets glued together. I use hot glue like a clamp- instant bond. Then glue is applied to all the seams. This creates a double bond. 

Next, the wood floor is glued in place. These are Popsicle sticks.  And the plaster is put on the walls and ceiling. The plaster can be any spackling type of patch material you get at the home improvement store. Sand all of the plaster.

The base colors are painted on. The walls are a soft peachy pink and the floors are white. This is acrylic paints. The pink is a color I mix myself. 

And the paint is applied as a wash on the floors. Just add a little water to the paint.

These are the humble beginnings for a dollhouse.  But this is going to be loaded with baroque details!

Thanks for coming over!


  1. Un bonito comienzo. Me gusta el efecto de los colores.

  2. Wow!! Non vedo l'ora di vederla finita!Nel frattempo posso solo sognare come la costruirai!! Super!


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