Thursday, April 21, 2022

La Patisserie de la Reine - a Custom Dollhouse Commission Part 3

 For the next step, it's more trims and more antiquing!

The under stair area looked like it needed some detail. So it got trimmed with more Popsicle stick pieces. 
The upstairs has the wood floors glued down and also a coat of plaster. 
And the windows are now getting done. The exterior is done with cardboard. You can do it in wood. But since you are covering it with spackling, cardboard works. The spackling makes the cardboard rock hard. Let all that set up. Once dry, you will sand everything smooth.
Back downstairs, everything is now in place and antiqued.

This is really becoming the most posh patisserie!

Back to the upstairs windows. Here is what a window looks like from outside. Very simple. A top rectangle piece and 2 sides cut to the correct angle of your roof.
The trim around all the windows will be next. Again, these are Popsicle sticks in 2 layers. You can paint your floor and  give a base coat to your walls now. I  use a white acrylic paint/primer in one.

This is the piece that will be your window interior. It's much easier to plaster it while it's not yet in place.

Here is the interior of the window glued in place and with it's trim on.
Here's a picture of how it looks from the exterior.
Pink paint is now on. And all the trim is painted. It's now time to decide how you will put your baroque trim in place. 

The picture frame moulding has some wallpaper in it. This will be antiqued as well to blend seamlessly with the rest.
This upstairs area is the tea salon. 

The next step will be more trim for the ceiling medallion and putting the chandeliers in place. 
See you next time!