Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busy Busy!

I've been coming up with new products for my shop! I have so many more ideas I hope I can get to them soon or my head will explode!

Teapots are what got me started as an artist. I hope to put more up on my etsy site soon!

I saw a brooch in an old Victoria magazine. And it just gave me this idea for little sail boats to put on your nightstand. I included a tiny envelope with paper to write your dreams on!
This is my cottage bookmark. I've made oodles of them in different colors. Just posted the pink one to see how it does on etsy. It just peeks out of the book and keeps your place with the door!
This is my Butter Cream Frosting Village. I've made a spotlight with them:,com_content/Itemid,73/id,10927/task,view/

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