Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tudor Mini Cottage House

This is my latest cottage! It's a little Tudor style house. I saw Mel Gibson's cottage online. It looked so charming and welcoming that I decided to do my own version!

This one above is Mel Gibson's. It's really cute!

My version is a little different. I did the stones and bricks out of concrete which I sculpted while wet.
Can't have a cottage without a red rose vine.
I make the little pots myself. They're pretty easy. I just cut a strip of cardboard,glue it, paint it. Then I add the hand dyed paper leaves and flowers one at a time.
Here's the roof. I like layering the colors to give it an old world look. The shingles are also put on one at a time. They look more real that way.


  1. I love this little Tudor! How do you finish these so fast? I wish I could do one.

    :) Michelle

  2. I love Tudor cottages!