Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Little bit of Alsace!

Another mini paper house completed! I love Alsace!  I was born very close to this french region. It is very much influenced by German style.  Many of the houses there have hand painted designs that adorn the outside.  This is not unique to Alsace , this cottage could be Swiss, Polish, Austrian...

The designs are very simple.  I decided to do an in-lay door. I glued each piece one by one. 

Most houses have multi-colored roofs. 

I added all the little trims to make it as sweet as could be! The siding is individual slats. 


  1. That is too cute. Ya know if You could recreate this design in all wood, that would make a cute purse.`

  2. Your mini houses amaze me with all of the tiny detail that you do. It still makes me want a doll house. I would be really surprised if one showed up for me at my age, but who knows. Working at a lumber yard makes you think more about what houses are going to look like. Take care

  3. I love the colors of this little cottage! I've only been to France once, I can't imagine growing up there!

    :) Michelle