Friday, April 2, 2010

French Cottage Dollhouse Begins

The dollhouse kit came this morning! I've cut out 2 dormer windows. The tape is there to make sure I don't do too much damage! 
 This is the front roof panel. It used to be a whole sheet.

 Here it is back on the house. (it's just "dry" assembled)

 This is the other window I've added. The one on top, for the attic.

 I cut out window frames for the dormers from the cut out of the window. I glued them on straight.
 I added sides to the dormers. And added  roofs.  The sides and roofs  are just  recycled cardboard shipping box pieces.  I flipped the door from the right to the left. I think I like it better there. That's also the side where the fireplace/chimney will go.
The kit is very easy. The pieces need very little sanding. There aren't too many pieces, so it's easy to assemble. It's a perfect way to start. Stay tuned!

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