Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Modern House

I felt like making something a little different this time.  I decided on a modern paper house. I went surfing the internet for modern designs and got some great ideas. I put everything together and this is the urban dwelling that came out. First, I put all the elements I wanted to include in this little drawing:

Then, I cut out the base, glued on walls and applied concrete. Some concrete I smoothed out and the rest I carved into long bricks.

Window work tomorrow and paint.


  1. Oh wow! How cool.
    I'm sad to say that throw from Kohls is probably going. It stays out rain and shine and the weather has really taken a toll. I'm afraid if it gets washed one more time it'll be threads. I'm gonna try, but it may become a small table topper.

  2. Your houses are so neat and I enjoy watching you put them together. Congratulations on your treasury. It makes you feel good when you have them chosen. Have a wonderful day. Your Missouri Friend.