Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Marie Antoinette Secret Folie Barn Dollhouse: The End is Near!

I've been working on the outside. I've started putting on the roof shingles. What is that stuff? It's some sort of packing material. I think it came with the tv wall mount. It's a little like egg carton, except thicker and less compacted. It's awesome! The second I saw it I knew it would become shingles!  I also did the dormer.

I also colored some of the stones and aged the siding some more.

Inside it's drape time. Silk taffeta of course with gold trim!

I decided to paint the bulb again. This time with a golden brown. The intensity is exactly like candle light. Very warm and dim.


  1. Dear Caroline,

    This is just marvelous! I adore anything that is based on Marie Antoinette and of course my trip to Paris had to include a trip to Versailles. ~swoons~

    gerre lynne

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog! Your blog is wonderful! I love love love all the little chandeliers! By any chance did you see Marsha's (Sassy Mini Dolls) Marie Antoinette doll? If you love Marie A., you'd love this doll!

  3. It looks fab! I love the shingles and the curtains :)

  4. What a wonderful job you have done on this house- it's beautiful! Love the opulence of the drapes!

  5. Hi! I was just browsing through Etsy when I noticed your shop. You make such beautiful things! Amazing! How did you get started? Katie x

  6. Love, love, love is that up?? Glad to read that someone else looks at things like packing and knows instantly it would be good for a project.

    xox Rella

  7. I love how this is coming together. Those floor boards look fantastic, and your beautiful chandelier is superb. I've had a go at a chandelier for my very first enchanted tree, as I had created a secret ballroom inside the upper trunk. Complete with mirrored tiled floor and glitter splashed walls. The wire was bent into shape, and tiny bulbs on thin wire were wrapped around each one. I used thin white plastic juice straws, cut into short lengths, for the 'candle' look. After painting it silver, I rubbed on silver foil for extra shine, finishing it off with dangly plastic beads.If you would like to view it, you will find it in my archives at:
    I was spurred on to created it, after pricing dollhouse fixtures and being shocked that they were almost as expensive as full size real-life chandeliers.

  8. Se ve preciosa, las tejas me encantan son muy originales!!
    besitos ascension