Saturday, August 28, 2010

Farmhouse Dollhouse: Exterior

The farmhouse dollhouse exterior is coming along.
I used a concrete mix to do my brick details outside. Here it is all gray. It looks very sad! Reminds me of a jail! I made a nice colorful American flag on the side. The flag is on a plaster base.

The front door is all done. I put a shelf under the left window. I want to put some pots or a pie or ... well I'll see. But an apple pie would be cute!

The front door has its little curtain all in place!

Here's the storm cellar so the dolls can go hide from tornadoes! This side will be siding and shutters.


  1. Estás haciendo una casa muy bonita. La idea del refugio para los tornados me parece brillante :)
    Besos Clara.

  2. Una genial idea lo de hacer un refugio para tornados.
    La casa te esta quedando realemnte maravillosa!!
    besitos ascension

  3. I love what you are doing. An apple pie cooling is perfect!

  4. Hi Cinderella,
    Your lil farm house is taking shape more and more. Like the front door, so cute, and the brick work. What color are you going to paint it???
    I think a pie cooling on that shelf would be adorable since after all it is a farm house!! lol

    Good work my dear,
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Holy cow, there used to be a house on Rt 50 here in Ohio that was very similar to yours!
    Apple pie is perfect.

  6. It is so cute! I love the flag on the side- genius! I think the apple pie idea is adorable too ♥

  7. Gorgeous! Very whimsical, I love it!

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