Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back From The Beach

I took a little trip to Alligator Point, Florida. And I got some great inspiration from the beach house where I stayed .
This is the bay side.
This house was all shabby chic style with loads of antique beach worn furniture and tin tiles!!
A claw foot tub!
Here's the tin tile ceiling. It was a really adorable house. I might just have to do another beach dollhouse next!

Also, I got an email from Blanche who bought the gazebo. She shared these pictures of her incredible set up for her dollhouse.

I love all the room Blanche has for her set up. She's now working on the red barn you see in the first picture. I'm totally jealous of her incredible play room!! It's gorgeous Blanche!


  1. Wow, what an amazing beach cottage that is!!! I don't think you could've dragged me out of there! You sold the gazebo! What a lucky gal who now owns it, it looks gorgeous!

  2. I have been watching for your post. I am glad you enjoyed your trip and I liked the pictures that you shared. It looks so peaceful and quiet. I will be anxious to see your beach house should you decide to do it. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

  3. Wow, I am totally jealous of Blanche too, that she got your gazebo!!!!!!!!!! But I know she will enjoy it, as I would have. And she sure does have a beautiful little set up of her house and your gazebo. And as for YOU: what a wonderful get-a-way! That really looks so pretty and relaxing. I wish you made the photos BIGGER!!! I wanted to sink and stay there! :)
    Seriously, I'm glad you got away and enjoyed yourself... you are a great person and deserve it.

  4. I'm shocked, her dollhouse looks awesome and that gazebo fits in perfectly. I'm green with jealousy

    Mini hugs
    Marisa :)

  5. You stun me again! Your work is exemplary. You would've had to drag me kicking and screaming out of that cottage in Florida...so much character!

    Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog.