Sunday, February 12, 2012

Camille's Kitchen Shop

 It's Ballerina Cottage one more time!
Camille contacted me about Ballerina Cottage. She loved the house but needed one less window in the front to set up her kitchen shop. She also didn't  want the roses.
We decided to replace the missing window with a trellis and vine.

This one is battery operated. And the battery and switch are  hidden in the chimney.
 For the paneling I used Johanna's tutorial over at mini daydreams blog. It's so simple and so good!!

 I love the way the paneling turned out. Thanks Johanna!
 The crystal chandelier has clear and teal Swarovski crystals.

She's ready for Camille's finishing touch!


  1. Beautiful. Camille will be very satisfied.
    Bye Faby

  2. It's gorgeous! I especially love the paneling and chandelier! :-) Camille will put her special touches on it now that you've put your special touches on it! ;-) Great job! :-) Jennifer

  3. I love your mini world... oh my. I'm your newest follower and would love to invite you over to visit and follow me when you get a chance. I love minis...been collecting for years...just recently have started playing with them AGAIN. Happy Valentines Day to you.... xoso

  4. HI Caroline,
    Loved Camille's kitchen shop, the trellis and vines look so neat
    and I really like the colors too.
    Beautiful chandy as always. So lovely and I bet she is in love with it.
    Hope you are doing well sweetie,
    blessings, nellie

  5. I´ve been so busy, that I haven´t got any time to wisit here or in other blogs eather. Lovely work you have done! Nice panelling. :) I´m happy if I have helpped you! Have a nice weekend! Johanna