Sunday, March 31, 2013

Charmed Cottage- Finally Done!

I don't think I've ever taken so long to make a dollhouse.  But It's done!
 I still need to finish the How To book that follows how I made this house step by step.
 I used all the same techniques I usually do for each house.
 The exterior is all pre mixed concrete that I carved with an old Exacto knife.

 This house has the battery operated lights with the switch and battery hidden in the chimney.
 I made the chandelier with floral wire and crystal seed beads.
 The flowers are millinery Forget Me Nots from:

 These tiles are the hot glue technique- just follow your design on cardboard with the hot glue gun Mine is a regular size hot glue gun. Then paint. That's it!
 My first dollhouse spiral stairs. 
 This wall is fat craft sticks and skinny ones painted with different color watered down paint for a wash look.

 This stained glass is so easy. I start with a plastic window and paint the diagonal lines wit acrylic paint. Then I use water based gloss inside each diamond. You could even add a drop of color in the gloss if you want more variations.
 The loft.

 The ceiling is fat craft sticks.

 All the vines are from Hobby Lobby. And the pink Heather too.

 These are clay mushrooms made by Serenity Mosaics  who used to be on Etsy.  :(

17 3/4" tall x 14 1/4" wide x 13 3/4" long
interior: 10" wide x 11 1/4" long x 8" tall under loft & 14 1/4" tall over all.
loft: 5" deep x 10" wide x 6" tall

 I found this pumpkin at Hobby Lobby.

Maybe my next house won't take as long!  I'm off to think about what project I should do next.  Thanks for coming over!
This house is available in my Etsy shop:


  1. It's gorgeous! I especially love the white wall, wainscoting, and chandelier--wow!!! xo Jennifer

  2. It looks lovely! I'm sure it will find its way into a loving home :)

  3. It's magical. Full of character. It makes you want to weave a story of who lives there.

  4. Oh so very charming! When may I move in?
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  5. Te ha quedado de fabula, nunca mejor dicho ya que parece una casita de cuento de adas, me encanta.
    Un abrazo.

  6. I love the changing colours in the shingles. Thanks for the tip for making the stained glass window. It looks very realistic. IndyPoppy

  7. Hello Caroline!
    It's just so neat and beautiful. Thanks for your quick explanations - they are pure treasure for a beginner:)
    Cheers, Daria

  8. Oh Caroline, I am speechless!
    What a weaver of magic you are!
    see, speechless!!!
    and Happy Easter,

  9. preciosa!!!!!!!!!!! me encantaria hacerme pequeñita y vivir en ella!un beso

  10. Oooh! Wonderful house, like a farytale.

  11. It is a really nice forest house you here have made. Your ceiling decoration is very nice and also your decorating around your stairs are beautiful.
    All your outside decorations are impressive. I understand you spent a long time in this house. There are so many details.
    Very nice work.

  12. Hallo Caroline,

    Je cottage is echt prachtig. Vol met mooie details. Mijn complimenten voor dit project.

    Groeten Xandra

  13. This cottage is simply fabulous!! I would like to live in there ;) Happy Easter!

  14. preciosa , me encanta toda ella



  15. Gorgeous house! It's like one in a fairy tale.

  16. Te ha quedado maravillosa, me gusta mucho este estilo de casas.

  17. Hi Caroline! Your cottage is really magical and an amazing work, my compliments!
    Thanks for sharing all the links and tips!
    You think it took you a lot of time to build this cottage?? My canal house isn't finished yet after 12 years!! :DDD
    Hugs, Ilona

  18. It really is a cottage full of charm.

    Hope you had a great Easter Sunday!
    A big hug.

  19. It's a lovely house! It will go to someone who will love it to bits !

  20. Pure magic! I love it! How wonderful that you didn't stop creating miniature properties.
    Hugs, Drora

  21. Fabulous and romantic.
    I like your decorating around the stairs and the tiles on the ceiling.
    Greetings, Faby

  22. Wow Caroline, another masterpiece !!!
    I love the staircase and the lovely decoraition outside, it is like a fairytale house :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  23. Oh I love the spiral staircase...adorable! And the tin ceiling is amazing!!!

  24. This house is like a fairy itself!
    I love it! ♥

  25. Вы потрясающий мастер!!!!! Я обожаю ваши работы!!!!

  26. Preciosa y original como todo lo que haces.

  27. So, soooo cute! A really really inspirational make - the glass panel in the door is just wonderful!
    Alison x

  28. Auh-mazing!!!

    It's funny how you think this took you a long time... I have been working on my first dollhouse for YEARS and am still not done! :)

  29. Hi Caroline! It's a sweet, delightful little house. Another success story. I like everything about it. So many endearing little details. I must say your miniature dwellings always put me in the mood to read fairy tales or at least think about those I read as a girl. My first one was Cinderella. I was sick in bed with some childhood illness, I can't remember what it's called in English. It was itchy. Anyways, I cherished that book and its beautiful coloured pages. I'm looking forward to getting your book.

  30. Es una verdadera maravilla. Mires donde mires hay un precioso detalle. ¡Enhorabuena! Gran trabajo.

  31. I just love it!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  32. Wow this cottage is amazing. I love the alcove and stairs. The ceiling and walls are beautiful. Gorgeous Chandelier. I love your wonderful house.
    Hugs Maria

  33. hoi Caroline,
    Wat een schattig huisje heb je weer gemaakt.
    het ziet er prachtig uit.
    fijne avond groetjes Marja

  34. caroline ¡¡¡ preciosa con tados sus detalles ¡¡¡

  35. I don't know how you keep coming up with such charming ideas for your little cottages but you've done it again Caroline! It's just so darn cute!!!

  36. Me encanta, te ha quedado preciosa.

  37. Hi Caroline, has created a beautiful enchanted forest cottage. I am fascinated with your hands as you create magical houses.

    hugs, Marisa

  38. ...way beautiful! ~ just like thee! ~ blessed be!...(o:

  39. Ohhh, it is Truly a Fairy House - Gorgeous Work!

  40. Esa casa tiene un ambiente mágico maravilloso!!! parece que de cada rincón puede salir un pequeño duende o un hada para relatarnos una historia!!!
    Maravillosa en cada detalle,encantadora en su exterior como en su interior!!!!!

  41. It's incredible Caroline!! Wow!! I always love looking at your work, it's like stepping into another world :) I really love how you've done the outside with the mushrooms and all the beautiful plants and it's totally gorgeous inside too!! Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  42. Caroline,es tan tan tan bonita!!!?es de ensueño,preciosa,yo la encuentro perfecta,me inspira ;.)
    Un besin

  43. I love how it turned out. The stairs are amazing!!
    I LOVE the window box!!

    Happy Crafting

  44. It´s a fantasic house! So many lovely details!! Great!!

  45. Hello Caroline!
    This is such a pretty little house with a real storybook charm to it. You weave such a lot of attention into the details of your little dwellings. When I look into them I see fairy folk in residence!


  46. Caroline what a wonderful cottage. This one is a real charmer....
    Wow, real estate. Oh the ideas you will come away with, lol...

  47. Gorgeous cottage! Your work is so wonderful, it has a very special charm to it.

  48. Oh wow, love charmed cottage, looks like it should be where snow white and the seven dwarfs lived..........
    Loved all your embellishments and the spiral staircase was a new yet very
    neat addition. Also liked the cardinal on the fireplace chimney, so cute. Another winner hon.

    Blessings, Nellie

  49. WOW! I had to have a giggle as Im reading along here I see you have made a spiral staircase I just made one very similar for my Tudor, still not too sure about it and I have made a similar stair as a book case in my "Book House" Ill take a photo soon