Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little White Cottage Dollhouse

First off, Blurb(the publisher of my Shabby Chic Dollhouse book) sent me a coupon to share with all of you. It's another $10 off coupon.  The code to enter at checkout is
The link to my book is:
This offer ends May 2, 2013.
I just heard it's only working on paper books and not the PDF version. :(    

O.K. back to building this Little White Cottage!
I am putting a little porch light above the front door.
I use this battery operated light kit from Evan Designs:
They are a fabulous company to order from!  Keep the bulb  and wire on hand because we need to place it under the cardboard part coming up next.
I am putting cardboard on the outside that will look like siding.  I used the box the kit came in for this.  I traced the front of the house, marking the windows and door openings.  Then peel off one side revealing the corrugated/ridged part.
I like my dollhouses to be strong. So I butter the house with this pre mixed concrete patch.  This will be the glue for the cardboard as well.
Spread the concrete on with a spatula(artist spatula).   I'm going to thread the wire and bulb under the top window(see picture below). Apply the cardboard to the wet concrete.
I used a little piece of wood for the porch roof.  Doesn't really matter what size. Mine is 4 5/8" x 2 1/2". I used regular 3/8" dowels as my porch posts. I put them next to the porch roof and marked the angle I wanted to cut.
I drilled a whole wide enough for my bulb in the porch roof.
The porch floor is all left over pieces of wood.
 For the top of the porch(the floor), I used 3 boards that are 1" x 11" long. Glued them all together.
Then I built a simple skirt for the underside. My pieces here are 1" thick. The long one is 10 3/4" long. The side ones are 2 3/4" long.Glue on leaving a little lip/edge.

Glue onto front of the house.
Moving to the side of the house.  I cut more cardboard to use as siding. I left 1 1/2" at the bottom to carve a stone foundation which will extend to the front porch.

 The back is all concrete. 
 On the other side of the house I am doing a patchwork of corrugated siding.
 Inside, I put in a chandelier.
And added a set of keys. I found these online. They are for jewelry making. Too cute!
Time to paint the house exterior.
 Don't do a perfect paint job! It has to look like an old cottage.
 Some of the brown cardboard shows through.
 I also painted all my "stones" white. Actually it's a cream colored paint.
I like the cream better between the  stones. The gray of the concrete looks too sterile and cold.  I'll show you how I paint the stones next time.
I also had a very exciting email. I'll let you know all about it as soon as I'm sure about this
 development.  :)


  1. That is so darling! How precious the tiny keys are, that was a good find:)

    I am so in love with the little door!

  2. The dollhouse is looking fantastic! I love following along as you build. I can't wait to hear more about the email, Caroline! xo Jennifer

  3. It is so amazing everything you are doing and thank you for showing how. Exciting with your email, I look forward to seeing and hearing more.

  4. Je huis ziet er weer prachtig uit.

    Groeten Xandra

  5. que bien que esta quedando, creo que tienes razon , a veces cambiar el blanco por un color un poco menos brillante queda mejor , estoy deseando ver el resto



  6. me gusta mucho como nos explicas paso a paso la construcción de la preciosa casa!!! que bien disimulada queda la electricidad!! Espero tus próximas explicaciones!!!

  7. Beautiful photos, and do lovely little house.

  8. Está quedando realmente estupenda. ¡Me encanta ese porche! Ya casi no puedo esperar a ver la evolución. ¡Gran trabajo!

  9. It's a great job! I like to follow the progress of your dollhouse, so I can learn something.
    Bye, Faby

  10. Looks incredible! I love it.

    BTW, the coupon code does not work on the PDF book sadly. Let me know if you have another code that will - I'd love to see the book!

  11. I love seeing the step by step pictures. Beautiful tine house.

  12. hello Caroline, I love the way you have incorporated and treated the cardboard. Quite ingenious! I always find it fascinating the progress of all the different elements that contribute to the final finished piece. I know that you have been doing this for a while and have many projects under your belt, but it must give you a great deal of personal satisfaction to see the finished work and know how you have nurtured and coaxed the mini masterpiece into being. It is wonderful to watch it from this end. Thank you!


  13. oh- I love the side with the different size panels- how smart!! You build so fast and so well- I am always amazed at how quickly your houses go together and they look fabulous every single time :) Love this house-but I love them all ♥

  14. Its wonderful to be able to follow along with your beautiful cottage. Thank you for all the great ideas. The cardboard idea is amazing. Oooo your email sound exciting ;)
    Hugs Maria

  15. Lovely! I like the corrugated texture on the outside walls.

    I bought the same concrete stuff you use but it kept falling off the walls I was pressing it on. When I drew the stones in mine, it continued to crumble. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

    Can't wait to purchase some lights for my dollhouse! I think I will use the same product as you! :)

  16. this will became a very cute and beautiful cottage!

  17. Me encanta como nos vas mostrando la construcción de tu nueva casa de muñecas. Además se ve fantástica.

  18. It's pretty and romantic cottage. hugs, Marisa

  19. Thank you for all the steps you show to us, Caroline! It is so great to follow the build of this wonderful house!
    Hugs, Ilona

  20. Thank you, Caroline, for all the various tutorials that go with the building of this little house. I always learn new things when I come on your blog. I'm excited about your e-mail!

  21. Your cottage is delightful and I love the way you use the corrugated card :)