Friday, May 3, 2013

Shabby Streamside Dollhouse & The Little White Cottage Dollhouse

 All done with the New York Times project.  She's on her way to New York.
I found this adorable sheer fabric for the curtains and I wanted to share it with you.  I got it at Jo-Ann's.  It is cream in color.  Just perfect for a vintage look.  It has glittery stars and dots in it that is perfect dollhouse size.
Now, back with the Little White Cottage dollhouse!  When I left off, I had painted the exterior of the dollhouses cream/off white.  Then I painted the rocks on the cottage.
The rocks are on the back side of the house and all around as foundation.
These are the paint colors I used.   A good rule is 4 different shades of brown, white, black, and an off white(mine is a linen color).
When I apply the colors, I use at least 2 different ones.  Here I dipped my brush in the black and linen colors.  It doesn't matter which color combination you use.  Just as long as each rock is a little different.

I went all around the house even under the front porch.

Next, hooking up the battery operated lights from Evan designs
For this little house I needed extra wire to be able to reach my hiding spot(the chimney).
 It's really easy. Black wire goes to black wire, red to red. That's it! I use the hair dryer to shrink the little protective sleeves that go over all the connections.

I'm not sure how the front porch light will look. I just popped a little bulb through a hole and will figure it out later.
Is anyone else having Blogger issues.  I can't upload pictures when I use Firefox. But it works on Google Chrome.  Just thought I'd pass this along.


  1. Hi Caroline! Your Little White Dollhouse is adorable! Thank you so much for the tips on fabric, electrical, and Blogger! You're such an awesome resource and an inspiring artist. Can't wait to hear more about The New York Times! xo Jennifer

  2. Caroline, this house is the beauty!♥
    I am sure that every body will love her in NY. And all over the whole world... Hugs, piikko

  3. Amazing job, as always!

  4. It's enchanting, Caroline! Hope the NYT project gets there safe and sound!!
    Alison x

  5. Мне очень понравились шторы!
    Коттедж получился изумительный!
    С любовью из России. Елена.
    I loved the curtains!
    Cottage turned out amazing!
    With love from Russia. Elena.

  6. Very beautiful house! every thing in it have a lot of charm. I love the wallpaper.

  7. I adore what you have done! Love the chandelier...totally gorgeous!!

    I think you need to create a Shabby Purple Rose Cottage!!!!!

    happy crafting

  8. ...super awesomeness Caroline! ~ thee has so much inspirational light that shines all over the world! ~ blessed be! dear kindred!...(0;

  9. Exciting with your New York Times project. If you know what day it get published in the newspaper, will you write it in advance, maybe I can buy the newspaper in the city, maybe.
    Again a beautiful cottage, I'm working a lot with painting with many different shades of color, it's so exciting, but also a science in itself. Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  10. hi Caroline! It keeps on getting cuter and cuter!


  11. Wow! what a wonderful cottage you have done! L

  12. Hi Caroline,
    very cozy house!
    i'm having the same issues with firefox. I guess blogger forces us to use chrome :))

  13. Je huis ziet er weer leuk uit. Vooral de plantenbak bij de voordeur vind ik erg mooi.

    Groeten Xandra

  14. Caroline, this house is a beauty, a dream. Thank you for sharing all the work on this house. I hope it will arrive safely in NY!
    Hugs, Ilona

  15. Caroline it is wonderful super nice hugs Danielle

  16. All your houses are so cute. Thanks again for telling how you make everything.

  17. Привет. Шторки подходят идеально к домику) новый проект продвигается))) у вас так все красиво получается !!

  18. The curtain is really lovely.

    The new cottage is getting gorgeous.

  19. Hi Caroline,
    So happy to hear you finished your
    cottage and that she is on her way
    to New York. How exciting! Am so happy for you.
    She's a beauty, loved the lil chandy
    and those nice windows on the side of the house. Very pretty, and may they
    do a dandy job on any pictures they take.......can't wait to see the article.........
    Hope it has been a good week. Mine
    has been good but check out Tuesdays post, got the dickens scared out of me.
    Blessings hon,

  20. Hello Caroline:)
    Your Little White Cottage is so lovely! Thank you for the tips :)
    Can't wait to hear more about New York!!
    Hugs, Candy:)

  21. I'm sure the people in New York will love your cottage as much as I do. I can't wait to see the article on your blog.
    The other day I had great difficulty loading photos for my last post, it was with Firefox. It worked but took ages.

  22. Hi Caroline!

    Love the White Cottage! Wish I had a full sized one. It would be my writing hide away.
    Best Wishes,

  23. Hello Caroline,
    This sweet little house is adorable! I love the stone work you added. The lighting is wonderful! I even like the porch light the way it is.

  24. it's sooo cute! you just put that most adorable touches on all your properties. I sometimes wish I could shrink down and live there.


  25. Your mini cottages always so beautiful, great work! Hugs, Marisa

  26. Congratulations Caroline - wonderful news about the New York Times! I know the article will be a big hit. I'm loving this little white cottage, too. Have fun!

  27. Enhorabuena Caroline
    Me encanta como te esta quedando, un fantastico trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  28. Hi Caroline! Congratulations on the New York Times project. I see you have another little work of art in the wings. The sheer fabrics are lovely. Thank you for the tip on painting the rocks. Also, the tip on using a hair dryer on the tubing for the connecting wires.