Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lulu's Maison

This is Lulu's Maison completed.
This is a house I made for a little girl named Lulu. From what her mom told me she sounds like the sweetest girl!  She has a fantastic brother named Emmanuel.  But this dollhouse is just for her.
The vines all come from the floral department at Hobby Lobby. I just cut off the connected ends and hot glue them  on individually.
The roses are mulberry roses and the pink and light yellow flowers are Heathers from Hobby Lobby.
I put a little bird on the window box.  I made the window box from 5 pieces of leftover wood. The dots are hot glue. I painted it all white and aged it with a little gray paint and brown stamp ink.
I made the chandelier with 3 wire arms. Tutorial for chandelier is here:
 This house is electric. So there's a bulb in the middle of the fixture. To hide the center bulb I made some small roses.  Here's how I make these:
The siding on this house is thin veneer. I used that same veneer to make the very simple shutters.  I wanted a very clean look like you see in Swedish country houses.  I stayed with a grey and white palette.
This is the kitchen window.  Anytime you see brown aging this is the brown ink pad for stamps. It's just a perfect way to easily age anything.

This side of the house has the little plug for electricity.
You can see the bedroom through here.
The interior is very sweet, girly and shabby chic.
I had to make the furniture a tad bit bigger because Lulu's doll is 7 1/2" tall. But I still kept it close enough to 1/12 scale so that she could use any dolls.
The kitchen island I made and had a tutorial for here:

The sink cabinet I made from this tutorial:
The front wallpaper is by Pip Studio. It's called Feeling Paper Good. Just do a quick image search on Google Image. Go to whatever site it shows. Save the full size picture. I like to print it out in 1/2 size because usually when you print full size it's blurry. The crackle wallpaper behind the stairs and the wainscoting paper underneath is from the scrapbook section of the craft store. These two came from Hobby Lobby.
I paint my rugs on book binding. It's a very thick and sturdy fabric. The chair covered with lace I make myself. I'll have to do a tutorial on those too!
Upstairs is the bedroom.  Here I wanted a very calm space for Miss Dolly. I only did one wall with pink and cream polka dot paper(scrapbook). The floors are white the curtains are very light pink tulle. All the curtains are stiffened into place. I use hairspray.  Some people are afraid it will yellow. But I would love if that happened! It would look so perfectly vintage. I have yet to see any of my fabrics turn yellow though.

I made the bed from veneer wood. I find all the veneer at Hobby Lobby.  I just draw out a design on paper, lay it on the wood and cut it out with a sharp box cutter/utility knife.
I made the doll out of air dry clay. She has twine hair and a hand dyed cotton dress.

The pillow on the chair is just a square of felt I embroidered.

I put a glitter house in this room too.  It can serve as a doll's dollhouse.
Thanks so much for coming by!  I'm so glad you all have such an incredible interest in our work. I can't believe I'm nearing 400,000 page views. Wow! Thank you!


  1. Hi Caroline!
    Oh I hope that the girl Lulu enjoy the house so much as I do
    Hugs Britt

  2. I need to get my hands on a shrink ray so I can move in. :-)

  3. Oh my word, it's enchanting, Caroline! I'm with Kasey... I want to move in! Can't believe how quickly you've created something so exquisite... From the vines on the front to the fabulous shabby chic kitchen furniture to the lovely soft furnishings it is wonderful. Lulu is a lucky girl!!
    Alison xx

  4. It is every littele or big girl's dream of a dollhouse. I love the romantic look. It's so adorable lovely. It's a great front section. I love your side windows.
    So beautiful to look at.
    I understand why, your blog has been shown so many times, it's a great great experience to visit.

  5. I am not surprised, but I am delighted! :)

  6. Che meraviglia shabby!FAVOLOSA!Rosetta

  7. Caroline...It's so lovely! Lulu is a lucky girl!
    Best to you,

  8. I'd love a cottage just like that. Lulu is a very lucky girl to receive such a lovely house for her doll. I love the way you have done the little window box with the bird on it - lovely touch. The exterior plants really bring the house to life too. As for the inside - gorgeous.

  9. Es una maravilla, me encanta todo, el exterior de la casa con la enredadera es increíble y loo interiores como siempre de cuento de adas.
    Un abrazo.

  10. Holy heck Caroline, you just keep upping the bar! This is incredible!!! I love everything! The little staircase is darling and a dollhouse in a dollhouse??? Wow!

  11. Oh my Goodness Caroline! I am so so so speechless at the beauty of your creation! Evey detail is exquisitely delightful! To say the very least!
    There is going to be one very very happy little girl : )

  12. What a lovely house! I especially like the kitchen counter. Thanks for the tutorial.

  13. Of course we're interested in your work--it's gorgeous!!! :-) This dollhouse is a masterpiece. I love all of your special details, from your handmade furniture to the chandeliers, glitter house, and food. Lulu is going to LOVE it! xo Jennifer

  14. Another masterpiece! Just charming. What a lucky girl.

  15. Oh, it's so beautiful and dreamy! That's going to be one happy little girl.

  16. Absolutamente adorable!!!!! Con un exterior tan cuidado y tierno y el interior dulce y confortable,para quedarse a vivir en ella!!!!!

  17. О, Боже!!! Керолайн вы волшебница!!! За короткий срок создать такой прекрасный домик! Ваш домик мечта любой девочки! Да думаю и многие тети не откажутся от такого шедевра! Мне нравится, что много милых мелочей! Можно разглядывать часами!!. Я люблю заглядывать в окна. Когда смотришь в окна, кажется, что там все оживает! Вы сделали прекрасную мебель, эксклюзивную! Мне нравится маленький домик и кукла! Я представляю восторг маленькой девочки!!!
    Спасибо большое за ссылки.

  18. Шикарный коттедж! Продумано всё до мелочей, с интересом рассматривала каждую деталь.
    С наилучшими пожеланиями из России. Елена.

  19. Absolutely adorable!! Lulu is a very lucky girl :)

  20. I'm afraid I'm in love with it... I love everything: the roof, the wallpaper, the kitchen...
    Have a great December:)

  21. Caroline, I am sure that Lulu will love this maison very much, it is gorgeous, you did a great job with creating this house. Thank you so much for sharing all those tips!
    Hugs, Ilona

  22. Thank you Caroline for the tour of this wonderful house. Lulu is a very lucky little girl. I love all the very pretty details.
    Hugs Maria

  23. Es absolutamente maravillosa, siempre me dejas sin palabras.
    Es encantadora. Un abrazo,.

  24. Complimenti hai realizzato una casa meravigliosa e molto romantica, Lulu sarà molto contenta!
    Un abbraccio. Manu

  25. I love this house. Everything is so beautiful! :)

  26. Es una casa de ensueño. Me parece preciosa

  27. вау, очень красивый дом получился))) ммммм Париж... Как хочется там побывать.. Детская комната фантастическая!!!!

  28. The house looks great! Very cute and well made! Hannah

  29. Lulu will be very happy with this fabulous house. I like the original details and colors.
    Hug, Faby

  30. Lulu will be over the moon and won't believe her eyes. It's such a marvellous and sweet house.

  31. Love all the details in this one! :)

  32. Love , love 💕 the little sink and the island. The interior is fantastic!