Monday, February 10, 2014

My Chandelier Tutorial in American Miniaturist Magazine

My chandelier tutorial is in the March 2014 issue of American Miniaturist. 
It's the same tutorial you'll find here on my blog.  A quick and easy way to add some sparkly  romance in your dollhouse.  I had tried some more elaborate tutorials online, but quickly adapted a new version when things went terribly wrong. LOL! :)
I've been totally out of commission for the past 2 weeks. No Minis! :(
I sprained my calf muscle.  It's been very annoying. I've had to spend tons of time resting my leg. I hope this is the last few days of not being able to walk.  By the way crutches are horrible! LOL!!! My entire body is now aching from having dragged myself around with them.  Boohoo!
big hugs to all of you♥,


  1. Dear Caroline, I wish you all the best and I hope you get well very soon. We only understand that we take granted a lot of luxuries of life when they are taken away, like walking! Your tutorials are great, so I am glad they are smart enough to put it in their magazine :) Take care and big hugs, Ebru

  2. Congratulations Caroline! Nobody deserves the attention and praise more than you do for your beautiful little houses and furniture. Please do take care of yourself. Yours is my favorite site, I come here a lot and can hardly wait for the next little house you create. Hugs and feel better soon!

  3. Hi Caroline, So sorry about the sprain and the crutches. :-( I'm so sorry you have to go through that. You're in my thoughts as you recover. Congrats on your published tutorial--that's awesome!!! xo Jennifer

  4. Hi Sweetie,
    So sorry you are still struggling with your leg, and yea, I have heard crutches are no fun at all.........hope you will be up and at it again soon.
    Am very happy you got your chandelier tutorial published, that was a nice bright spot for you during this
    down time at least............
    Praying for you Hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. So sorry about your accident, Caroline! Hope you will be able to get around soon. Congratulations on having been published once again! You should be so proud. Your work is exceptional and in a class all its own!

  6. Congratulation to your article!
    I´m so sorry about your accident!
    I hope you are well soon.

  7. Hi Caroline, I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling with those horrible crutches, that is very tiresome. I hope your leg will recover soon and that you will be able to get around soon.
    Congrats on being published, you can be proud of your work!
    Big hug, Ilona

  8. Muchas felicidades por tan merecida publicación!!!!!
    Caroline,espero que tu pierna ya esté bien,las muletas son horrorosas no me extraña que estés dolorida,espero que te recuperes del todo!!!

  9. Congratulations on the publishing of your tutorial!
    I hope you'll be better soon. It must be so annoying not being able to walk properly and to have to use crutches.

  10. Enhorabuena por la publicación Caroline!! Espero que mejores pronto de tu pierna. Un beso

  11. Привет Каролина!
    Мне очень жаль, что у вас травма! Выздоравливайте поскорее!
    Очень приятно, что опубликован ваш урок! Поздравляю!

  12. You do such lovely work!

    I hope you mend quickly ;)

  13. I am so sorry to hear about your leg. Hope it heals soon. Yeah, crutches make your hands blister and under your arms ache. I have been there, done that!
    Congratulations on being published! Your work is fabulous, whimsical and fun.

  14. Hi Caroline, Im sorry to hear about your leg and hope you are back to working on minis soon also congrats on being published your tutorial is wonderful :)


  15. Oh poor you! Crutches are miserable things to have to operate with, they pull you down and make you feel even more miserable. If you still need some support as your leg gets better how about trying Nordic Walking Poles instead? I use them for my arthritic knees - couldn't walk much at all without their support - and they give you support without the heaviness of crutches...

  16. Espero que te recuperes pronto y felicidades por tu publicación en la revista

  17. Hola Caroline, muchas felicidades por tu nueva publicación. El tutorial es muy bueno y espero hacerlo algún dia.
    Tambien espero que te recuperes muy pronto.
    Un abrazo.

  18. Oh, huge congrats on the article - very cool. And so sorry to hear about your calf. Definitely sympathise on the crutches front - I've a bunch of screws in my left ankle, so I know the feeling from when I broke that!!
    Alison x

  19. Poor Caroline, first off all congratulation on your published tutorial...........wonderful !!!
    I am so sorry to hear about your leg and the terrible crutches, I hope you are getting better every minute!

    A big hug Sweetie

    Mieke xxx

  20. Hope you feel better soon.
    I'll be looking forward to seeing further progress about you always lovely work and knowing good news about yourself.
    Hugs dear Caroline

  21. Hello Caroline, I am so sorry to hear of your injury! I do hope that you will be up and about without crutches soon.
    Dream about all the minis you are going to make : )

  22. Big Hugs back Caroline. I hope you are back on your feet again in no time. Congrats on being published again. So deserving.

  23. Ach arme jij ik wens je heel veel sterkte hoop dat het gauw beter met je gaat lieve groetjes Danielle

  24. Каролин, привет! Очень сочувствую тебе и желаю скорейшего выздоровления!
    Поздравляю с публикацией в журнале!
    С наилучшими пожеланиями из России. Елена.

  25. Congratulations, well deserved it!
    Hope you feel better soon , have a speed recovery!

  26. Oh My! Congratulations on the publication of your Awesome tutorial and OMG your poor calf! I broke my ankle a couple of years ago and a knee scooter ToTally saved me - ask about one, they soooo beat crutches! HuGs and Healing Fairy Dusties from TiGGy <3