Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Tranquil Nordic Retreat - Completed

The Tranquil Nordic Retreat custom dollhouse is all done. 
 This is another A Shabby Chic dollhouse but with a bit of Anthropologie style!
 The roof is covered with sheets of moss.
 These roses are tiny miniature mulberry paper roses found in scrapbook or millinery shops.
 The switch and battery for all 3 chandeliers are hidden in the chimney.
 I had to have bunting!

 I just used a mix of brown and black paint watered down to get a wash effect on the window's frame. Looks super time worn. I love that! :)

 The curtains are a heavy canvas. They are actually the drop cloths you find at the home improvement store. Drop cloth curtains are so shabby chic! The texture is perfection. I just used hairspray to keep the folds in place.

 The painted ceiling like Scandinavian homes have brings a very eclectic feel to this house.
 I pulled out the upstairs bedroom so you could see the bed and nightstand better.
 The nightstand is a little Prim style bench I made out of wood. That's a chocolate & sprinkles doughnut on the plate.

Thanks for the visit! 


  1. Wow! The lighting in your photos is magnificent, and so may of the photos look like they're straight out of RL lifestyle magazines--WONDERFUL! xo Jennifer

  2. Oh I love it! Your houses are always so magical. I can see myself living there! Love every little detail that makes it so unique and homey. You are wonderful at what you do Caroline and as always, I can hardly wait for the next post, you have so many great ideas I never have time to try! Just lovely!!!

  3. I love the loft! Good job:)

  4. Three chandy's in this one??? Oh my goodness! I bet it looks amazing lit up at night! The little bed is adorable! It's always so exciting to see what you come up with:)

  5. Caroline...
    This is simply sublime! Your client is so darn lucky! Some day..when I finally finish this novel, and publish, I'm gonna commission a cottage for little ole' me!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I don't even know where to start! Love the planked cream walls and the gray-brown woods of the window trim. The moss sheets for the roof are genius! (Another idea for me to "steal"!) Love the drapes. Was it hard to get them to stay folded since the drop cloths are pretty thick? The furniture and color scheme is absolutely perfect. Wish it was real sized so that I could live there! :)

    1. Hey Lindsey! Steal away! LOL! It was so quick and easy to put the moss sheets on. But a little messy. So put newspaper under for easy clean up. And the drop cloth keeps it's shape very well and easily. I just spray it until it's soaked and then I use the hairdryer because I have no patience to let it air dry. :D

  7. Caroline, es realmente maravillosa, y el interior resulta mágico. Las fotos son perfectas! Un beso

  8. Como me gusta!!! El acabado exterior con el craquelado y envejecido de la madera y el techo de musgo,es perfecto!!! Y la ambientación interior tan natural,con tonos neutros,las cortinas,el encanta,es genial!!!!

  9. Oh how nice it is. So beautiful in the Scandinavian style. It is so complete fine and subdued in color selection. I love to look at your house. They are all so different and have completely their own expression.

  10. An other wonderful cottage!!! I like so much your amazing work!!! Congratulations, Caroline!!!

  11. most beautiful wedding, I love each so cozy corners. The window is beautiful with those white flowers, very Shabby chic corner tea is very relaxing ... I could describe for over an hour each corner is wonderful, a great job Caroline.
    A big Kiss.

  12. It's fabulous! I like the atmoshere.

  13. Caroline the moss roof is a fantastic touch! I agree with jennifer your photos make it look like a real life house. Great job on this one it's pure magic...wait I take that back it's Summer Magic :)


  14. Hi Caroline! I love this Nordic Cottage and all the elements work together so well and give it a natural and cozy atmosphere. The painted ceiling is incredibly eye-catching but I also am enjoying the chandelier over the table right in front of the window. It makes for a very welcoming view as you gaze in from the outside. Your drapes look fabulous and like Lindsey, I wondered about how you achieved such a natural drop with such thick fabric. Thanks for answering her inquiry because they really do look perfect for this room, and the weight of the fabric would certainly help keep any drafts at bay. The placement of the vines that are both inside and out, give such a wonderfully natural touch to this little cottage, and I think that I would find it so comfortable sitting in that cushy arm chair, that I may not ever want to leave. :D


  15. Привет Каролина!
    Фантастический дом! Мне нравится крыша, покрытая мхом! Очень таинственный дом. Лоза около камина придает колдовскую таинственность. Я люблю ваши дома!

  16. There is really something special about this house, a gorgeous atmosphere.

  17. Waar haal je al die tijd vandaan en zo snel Caroline het is zo mooi ik zou er wel willen wonen in jou poppen huisjes hoor lieve groetjes Danielle

  18. Niin ihana:) Sammal katto, parvi, kuisti, verhot,kattokruunu !! Aivan täydellinen talo :))

  19. There isn't a single one of your cottages that I don't want to move straight into! Oh to be able to shrink and enter....a magical world

  20. How lovely! If I shrink myself can I come and live in that one?
    Hugs ♥

  21. I have to say that the lighting makes the cottage look stunning!!! It really does make a huge difference and it transforms everything. I love, love, love your Tranquil Nordic Retreat....who wouldn't want a mini cottage like this one??? Who wouldn't want to stay inside or a cottage like this one??? Oh my God, you produce stunning pieces one after the other. I just bought the Dollshouse and Miniature Scene magazine and I saw your article and your picture with you sisters!!! You all look so lovely and so cute!!! I will also hope with all my heart for you to realize your dream of making kits of your wonderful houses......You would sell millions!!!! :) Big big hug Caroline!!

  22. I love this house so much =) The blue roof is a favourite of mine, best roof ever =) And the whole house is so wonderful!

  23. Oh my, Caroline.......this is stunning!...I felt ready to put 'for sale' in front of our own little cottage to opt for the two floors of this one. :) But seriously, it's amazing like each of your creations.

  24. Ciao Caroline! Continuo la mia lettura. Non manca poi tanto alla fine. Anche io, nel mio archivio immagini, conservo una foto che ritrae quel soffitto dipinto a cui ti sei ispirata. Senza leggere il tuo commento, appena ho visto la tua meravigliosa pittura, la mia mente è volata via a quell'immagine conservata. Poi ne ho avuto la conferma che stai parlando sicuramente dello stesso soffitto. Sei stata molto brava a renderne l'idea! Adoro questa soffitta, nonostante le travi dipinte, assomiglia molto di più al piccolo White Shabby Cottage.