Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quintessential Cottage Dollhouse - A Christmas and Winter Inspired House

Here it is! The Christmas dollhouse I call the "Quintessential Cottage."   By the way, I hear the Google translator is not defining quintessential. Quintessential means  pure and essential essence of something. A perfect or typical example of something. In this case a perfect example of a cottage.  :)
I had the same idea as Erin of keytomyworld.com  She wrote  "just a very light dusting of snow. First one of the season is always a bit magical!" I totally agree Erin!
 I love mixing textures and finishes on my walls. Looks more cozy and old.  This is all premix concrete. Easy to work with, dries pretty fast but not too fast. I spread it on with an artist spatula and let it sit for 5 - 10 minutes. If it's too wet your carving just disappears. You'll see when it's ready because when you draw your rocks or bricks into it(I use an old X-acto knife) your lines stay and your stones/bricks don't stay stuck to your blade.
 To age all of it I mix 5 parts brown paint to 1 part black paint to about 1/2 cup of water. It has to be liquid enough to spraid easily but not too much water so that the pigments are gone.
 The bottlebrush trees were green. I dipped them in bleach to turn them cream. If you want to turn them light green or brown I think you'd need a cup of water nearby to dunk them in and wash of the bleach. The bleach worked fast! Like 2 seconds! I had wanted to try a brown tree but I didn't make it. LOL! The bleach was just too quick for me. I did have another type of tree from those Christmas villages that took much longer. So I guess some need overnight. But not these little dollhouse ones!
 The icicles are hot glue. I put a dab on and let it dry. Then I just kept adding more pulling it downwards until the icicle was big enough.
 A little smoke in the chimney - it's pillow filler.

 Snow-Tex is what I used as snow. It has the consistency of a lightweight spackle/plaster with fine white sand mixed into it. But it's sticky. So once it dries it is stuck on and won't fall off. To apply it, I used my finger. I just put it into the spaces under the shingle and pulled upwards to get that drag mark.

 This is my super shabby chair. I made holes in the upholstery and used that brown/black/water mix on it too. The little footstool table, chair legs and ceiling also have that aging mix on them. It's very versatile!
 I sprayed the tablecloth with hairspray and pinned it in place while I dried it with the hairdryer.
 All the food is airdry clay.
 I love the dark upstairs compared to the white downstairs. The bed has a metal scroll headboard and footboard.

 I used a  brown ink pad to age the fireplace mantel.
 I put steam in the little coffee cup too.

 I rolled little snowballs with the Snow-Tex too.  They're on the bench. 

Here you can really see the fire roaring in the fireplace.  This dollhouse was fun! I don't usually make winter ones. I'm a summer girl myself! But this cottage looks pretty cozy if for someone who hates the cold. 
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  1. I love this cottage! So lovely <3

  2. Absolutely stunning, well done!xx

  3. wow !, !, Caroline is beautiful! each and every one of the details are magnificent, amazing work. I love it! and the lamp is cute, my favorite.
    A big hugs.

  4. es preciosa, con un aspecto muy romantico , me encanta



  5. The smoke out the chimney is awesome! I will have to remember the Snow Tex when I create a winter scene. I guess I need to really shop my hobby store aisle. I had a train set when I was younger so my mother being frugal and my dad not wanting to spend to much money on this hobby had me used cotton balls for snow. Funny how I think about it now, This really is a cute winter cottage to relax in and knit.

  6. The way you added snow is just magical, wonderful atmosphere. The tablecloth is perfect, the rest too of course.

  7. Too, too cute! I love the little bench on the porch w' the snowballs on it. I thought they were eggs at first. The little bell by the door is adorable. All the textures work perfectly to give it a very cozy feel. I like the bird picture on the wall inside too. Everything is just charming. Great job!

    1. Thank you Deb! I'm so glad you like it! :)

  8. Gorgeous! That light dusting of snow is absolutely perfect! And the fire in the fireplace--love it! xo Jennifer

  9. Чудесный дом! Холодно снаружи и очень тепло внутри!!! Я с огромным удовольствием разглядывала ваши фотографии. Так много прекрасных идей! Спасибо!!!

  10. Fabulous and romantic! Everything is perfect.

  11. What a romantic Christmas cottage.

    Kind regards Xandra

  12. Caroline, this x-mas house is absolutely beautiful!♥
    As you know I like colourful things but I also like this kind of pure harmony as your cottage here. What comes to the snow..It looks lovely on your x-mas house. I just heard from the evening news that next weekend we'll might have some
    snow here in Finland! :-O If that happens I will stay warmly inside and watch photos of your snowed house.
    HUGS, piikko

  13. Caroline, you have outdone yourself, what a beautiful winter house :D! I love all the miniatures you've made and added to this cosy home, my compliments!
    Thanks for explaining the word quintessential, now I've learned a new English word ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona


  14. This house is beautiful, I do not like winter me either, but I'd love to drink tea by the fireside! ;)

  15. A magical snow cottage...........You always delight us with your creations. I love this darling cottage.

  16. Oh, really winter is coming! I love embers, picture with swallows, Christmas trees and a chair!

  17. She's perfect! I think I shall curl up in the armchair and read a copy of Toad Hollow. Lol

  18. What an Utterly Enchanting Cottage - You always introduce us to so many wonderful ideas and such Lovely Creations. Thanks for all the Beautiful Inspiration ~ LuV, TiGGy

  19. This is wonderful.,the fire is just brilliant. When may I move in?

  20. It's soooo dreamy and magical! And oh my gosh....steam in the coffee cup, smoke from the chimney, the light dusting of snow and the icicles!!! Ohhh.....the icicles!!! Those little touches really make the cottage come to life. It's perfect!

  21. Guauuu!!!! impresionante!!!! Te ha quedado fenomenal.

  22. Wow how beautiful, I want to stay in that cosy little cabin and sit on that gorgues chair, I love it!
    groetjes van Marijke

  23. !!!!! Qué bonita Caroline !!!!!!, como decimos en España "qué arte tienes". Me encanta, me encanta y me encanta.
    Feliz fin de semana.

  24. Fantástico trabajo, me encanta.
    Un abrazo.

  25. Wow Caroline I love this winter cottage it is gorgeous. So many wonderful touches to make it so cosy and real.The snow looks fantastic.
    Hugs Maria

  26. Wonderful Caroline! Looks so cosy! The snow is great, makes me longing for the first snow =)

  27. An other beautiful cottage, Caroline! Very cosy, and the snow looks really! I like the chair too!

  28. Grrr blogspot you don't like me! it erased my post! -_-""

    Your work is wonderful Caroline but this cottage is pure magic, I'd say one of the beat pieces I've seen from you. Excellent job!!!


  29. Thanks for stopping by. LMAO about jk Rowling. Never say never! Haha. Ok, if Toad Hollow goes big (still laughing about that), I promise to buy one of your houses.
    ; D

  30. Me encanta!!, que mas puedo decir!!, tus trabajos son maravillosos.Besos

  31. This dollhouse makes me want to just skip fall and go straight to winter and all the holidays!!! Love the little wisp of steam coming from the cup; just divine! Did you know they sell already bleached trees? I bought a pack last year at the craft store (I think Hobby Lobby?) and it had varying sizes. They were all natural beiges. I think I saw them already this year!

  32. Wow! As usual I am very impressed and inspired. I love your work!

  33. All the details make this winter cottage soooooooooo cute and welcoming!! I love how you aged everything and the smoke, fireplace and the snow are wonderful touches that make that cottage unique. Well done Caroline as always!