Thursday, March 26, 2015

La Brocante Dollhouse

My new commission is completed. It's called "La Brocante". 
If this house looks familiar it's because it's a copy of my "Un Immeuble a Paris" with a few changes.
This dollhouse has one shop and the entry to the upstairs apartment downstairs.
 I made these doors from scratch and I wrote a tutorial which will be available very soon.
I bought a little bike at Hobby Lobby. All repainted it looks very vintage.
I took this advertisement from the internet. Just tap "print screen" and paste any image into the Paint program.  Cut out the image and save it on a new Paint page and you get a clear image.

The brocante shop is very shabby chic. It has a counter and shelf that I made myself.  I made most of the stuff in this house. I'm learning item by item.  Remember, I started out just making the houses. But build by build I've been teaching myself new skills. Keeps things interesting!
The ceiling is stained and aged. It's 3D paper from the scrapbook section.
This canoe was at Hobby Lobby in the unfinished wood item section. I sawed it off it's base and painted it.
This is a little cupola with a moss roof. There are lots of shutters, architectural element and window in the shop too.
This is a view from behind the counter. The wall is covered with a cream canvas fabric behind that shelf.
This wall has roses wallpaper(from the internet) that is framed with Popsicle sticks.
This is the entry to go upstairs.  I made the little tray table by looking at other people's photos online.  The little welcome mat is made of super thick canvas that is for book binding.
 At the top of the stairs is the kitchen.  And no railing again. I know some of you get concerned with doll safety. LOL! But I need the space and decided on design over safety.
I made the vintage looking range(click here for tutorial) and the little sink to fit on this wall. 
 The next room is a living room. I made one chair super shabby prairie style and one lace chair. The wings on the mantel are cardboard. 
The bricks in the mantel are carved ready mix concrete.
This house has battery operated lights. Each chimney has a switch and battery that controls each side of the house. You can find the links to materials I use on my Resources page. This dollhouse is 21 3/4" tall x
 20 1/2" across x 14" deep.
Thanks for coming over!
P.S.Gigie & Lizzie are doing terrific. 


  1. Hi Caroline, I absolutely love your style! This is another fabulous house, and I know what you mean by trying new things and pushing yourself to try new keeps the little grey cells healthy, I think! Thank you for sharing your work, I always look forward to a new post from 'Cinderella Moments'! :)
    All the best and take care.
    PS Glad to hear the pets are well!

  2. Que bonita . He disfrutado viendo todos los detalles preciosos que has hecho .

  3. Tu nueva casa es absolutamente adorable! Me encantan todos los detalles, la canoa, la colección de casitas, esa bicicleta...todo maravilloso. Un abrazo.

  4. wow! It is very cula! I love ... the truth is that each of the houses that you do seem incredible, fantastic job! I still am not able to make a house structure and I admire your ability. You surprise us every time. all the details are so beautiful and romantic ... adorable, absolutely adorable!
    A big hug.

  5. Me encanta toda la decoración que has crado tanto en el interior como en el exterior

  6. Preciosa! Romántica y encantadora! :)

  7. This house of yours is absolutely amazing! There are lots of lovely details and everything matches together perfectly. The atmosphere is warm and inviting <3 Great job!
    Kind regards.

  8. I really, really LOVE that tray table that you made. And that's really clever how you did the ceiling. Lol! at "doll safety."

  9. The house is so beautiful. I find your style fantastic. Love every house, which is made by you.

  10. Everything you do is sooo lovely! I love your work! Big hugs/ Josefin

  11. Another amazing house...I love all the details, everything is beautiful!
    Thank you very much for the tutorial! :)

  12. Hi Caroline, what a gorgeous house again !!!
    I love the frensch brocante style very much and you did a great job, it really has this French appearance and it is full off amazing details, I LOVE IT :)
    Have a great and sunny weekend.

    Warm hugs Mieke

  13. Lovely! And I'm so glad to read that you make more and more things yourself, it's nice to learn new things! Your doors looks fantastic!! Hannah

  14. Oh I love this one so much. You took all the things I love from your other houses and fit them into this one. It's shabby but bright! I've tried to use a lot of your ideas for my doll houses too, you are so clever and your style is one of a kind. Hugs, Theresa

  15. Miniature tray table is perfect. I would love a tutorial on that. Also the little teeny photos on the mantle. Great attention to details. Are the little houses wood or clay? Very nice Caroline. Very, very nice!

    1. Thanks Deb! I'll write down the tray table tutorial idea. I didn't find any out there when I searched on how to make one. Most people get a kit for it. But it's so easy to do yourself.
      The little houses are air dry clay. I cut them out of a rectangle of clay, let dry and paint with regular acrylic paints. I do the windows with a black permanent marker and gloss the entire house.

  16. Oh my gosh, this is just too adorable!!! I love your little canoe in the corner! And the little bicycle! I just made my first dollhouse and also made some furniture for it. I still need to do a blog post on it but will let you know when I put one up. I used your doorknob tutorial, didn't turn out as nice as yours but oh well, for a first timer I was pretty happy with it!

  17. Maravilllosa!!!! Me encanta esa entrada con la doble puerta y luego la otra puerta azul,la bicicleta que le da un encanto especial y el interior es perfecto,adorable......otra maravillosa creación!!!!!!

  18. Another amazing gorgeous house Caroline. It has a lovely romantic feel to it. I LOVE the range it fits perfect. Isn't it so much fun to try making different items and you can surprise yourself with what you can achieve though I am sure you can make almost anything you set your mint too :))) Wonderful work I always look forward to your posts.
    Hugs Maria

  19. Es maravillosa Caroline, no sé como lo haces pero imprimes a todas tus casas ese ambiente acogedor y maravilloso en el que me encantaría vivir, y sin embargo todas son diferentes.
    Feliz fin de semana.

  20. Hi Caroline! This is another amazing house of your hand, it's absolutely wonderful and so adorable :D! I love the canoe in the room downstairs.
    It's so nice that you learn every day more about making miniatures, you're so right about that and you're also so generous in sharing your how-to's, thank you so much :D!!
    Wishing you a nice weekend.
    A soft cuddle to Lizzie and Gigie. And hugs for you, Ilona

  21. Someone is going to be very happy when they get this lovely shop/house! The thought and planning is evident. So pretty! Thanks for the hints and ideas!

  22. Hi Caroline! What a great idea to have a canoe propped in the corner of the shop, and what a conversation piece and a terrific eye-catcher to draw customers into your store. Your arrangement of Brocante merchandise is enticingly laid out for display and examination, and your little above stairs apartment is adorable and very cozy. Love the sitting room with its two chairs around the fireplace and your stoves, Caroline, keep getting Better and Better!
    This entire project is 100% Charming! :D


  23. Cada novo amigo que ganhamos no decorrer da vida aperfeiçoa-nos e enriquece-nos. (Maria Miranda)
    Obrigada pela visita carinhosa!!!!!!
    Tenha uma linda semana!
    Doce abraço, Marie.

  24. Hi Caroline, I do hope that you find my comment way down here at the bottom. I am always amazed at the detail that you add to your little houses. With this one, I am particularly in love with the wing back chairs. I am working on one that is and Xacto kit. I will have to put it away until I can decide on the fabric. Love the bicycle. Having painted one myself, it is very difficult to get it painted neatly. Glad the girls are doing well.

  25. Precioso trabajo, es una maravilla.
    Un abrazo.

  26. This new house is fabuluous and you are very good at making accessories and furniture, like the stove for example. Your work never stops amazing me.

  27. Hi Caroline, l've popped into your awesome blog through Victoria's blog and just wanted to say how amazing your work is and to thank you for opening up a whole new world of shabby lovely to me.

  28. It looks gorgeous! I'm so in love with the ceiling And the kitchen... But everything is so nice, and, as always, I never get tired of watching every little detail... You've done a great job!
    Hugs, Candy:)

  29. I love all the details! It must come natural to you to bring out the beauty in your pieces, they are always divine.

  30. Amazing! I like everything. The bike is very nice.

  31. Великолепный дом! Шикарный! Можно часами рассматривать каждую деталь.
    С наилучшими пожеланиями. ♥

  32. Beautiful! I'm always amazed at how much of the interior accents are made by you also. ; )

  33. Hi Caroline, Sorry it took me so long to find your post. This place is gorgeous! I especially love all of the tiny dollhouses. Love what you wrote about doll safety--very cute! xo Jennifer

  34. Lieve Carolien wat heb je dit weer prachtig gedaan zo mooi die kleine deitails super lieve groetjes Danielle

  35. Oh my goodness! Your work is so magical. I love the detail and you can see that although it is a lot of work for you, it is done with love. Really amazing. I have lots of backwards reading to do to catch up with your talents.

  36. Another stunning creation Caroline! I always get such pleasure from reading your blog and it makes me want to rush off and make more minis of my own! Every little thing is a work of art. Love the doors, they turned out beautifully and the little table under the stairs it lovely!
    xo Amy