Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Flamingo Cottage Custom Handmade Dollhouse

My newest custom dollhouse is ready with all the furniture, accessories and garden.  I call her "Flamingo Cottage"!  I saw a photo of a children's party on Pinterest in all tropical colors. It instantly brought this cottage into my imagination. It wasn't long before I stumbled on a flamingo print fabric on the internet. I had my theme! Flamingo!
It's feel is fresh and relaxed yet still in keeping with my signature vintage look.  
This house is a custom built from scratch.
 This is a little chair I learned to make from the internet:
 I love tiny little front yards.  I use moss on everything. The bushes are air dry clay I rolled in a ball and then covered with glue and moss.
 The little flamingo is also air dry clay. I thought it would be difficult to make. But it was very easy!
 I love to use many different textures. It gives the building instant character.
 The chimney is covered with concrete that's carved into stone shapes. The rest of the white wall is also concrete. But it's smoothed out to look like stucco.

 Inside, Ive made most of the furniture.  The only thing I didn't make was the nightstand upstairs. 
 The mantel has a real working "fire".

 This is the coffee table. I kept the design very simple. Saw it on Pinterest! :)
 I paint the rugs with acrylic paint on a thick canvas.
 This is a little shelf/desk.  Very simple design here too. I started making these because I wanted very tall pieces of furniture in my dollhouses. 
 I saw this table on One Kings Lane.  I signed up for their emails and they keep sending brilliant ideas I shrink down to mini size.
 It makes a fantastic entry table.  I also got the design for the planter on One Kings Lane.  I'm telling you they are a treasure trove of ideas!
 This is the area behind the steps. I just removed them to show you the windows and bench. The windows here are massive. The amount of light that pours in is fabulous. I made a simple prim style bench. And also a little basket. I make my baskets with a pretty thick string  and coat it with Modge Podge. It dries very hard and then I paint it brown.
 I got the picture of the flamingo off the internet. The little frames are available at Michael's right now in their dollar bins.
To make these chairs I just got the template and directions from House of Miniatures online. They have all their PDF instructions online. And those include the templates.
 The bedroom has one wall of flamingo and the other walls are polka dots.  I made a green bed with comfy cozy linens. 
 I saw this window treatment on Pinterest. 

 This table has legs that are stair spindles. I just added a couple of pieces of wood to make the top and also a shelf at the bottom.

Here's the nightstand I didn't make. I removed 2 of the drawers and it gives it a more unique look. I wanted a little yellow in here. So I painted lemons on the rug.

Measures 17 3/4" long x 12 1/2" across x 21 1/2" tall.
Gigie(my kitten) and Lizzie(my Yorkie) are doing wonderful. Gigie has not grown very much. I read that Ragdolls don't get full grown until they are 4 years old. So I guess she has plenty of time! I hope you are all doing well! Thank you so much for visiting! 


  1. Fantastic work as always...every details is gorgeous! The fire is amazing and the wall of flamingo too! I love this new dollhouse so much! Great job, Caroline, as always!
    Big hugs

  2. wow! my god, Caroline! It is so beautiful .... lovely with so much character! I love, the chairs are amazing as your lamps, dazzled me with me, you know ... and the pink carpet, the phone as Shabby .... have the ability to fall in love with tuodos your work, I am speechless .. .I want one !!
    I love this!
    A big hugs ;0)

  3. Oh this one is so "fresh". I love the way you take an idea and make it your own Caroline. Love your style and the way you put things together. This one is very summery! :)

  4. Oh so cute. I love that you make all of the furniture. I especially like the chairs. I have a couple of kit wing backs to assemble from the House of Miniatures kits. Just need to decide on fabic. I like that you see things and then make them. I try. Love the theme, too. Here the local Hospice places flamingos in yards. If you wan to the flock removed, then you have to donate to Hospice. Who wouldn't? Great theme--unique and original.

  5. Wow Caroline!!!! Another joy for the eyes!!!! I love love love this build too as all the other ones!! Thank you also for explaining how you did it and where you got the supplies! Always very informative on everything....Some people are so secretive about what they do even if today you can find everything out here, online. Super super wonderful!!! And love the flamingo theme. Hugs!!

  6. Maravilloso! Una vez más... maravilloso! :)
    Te felicito, me encantan tus casitas!
    Un beso!

  7. Que cosa tan bonita y tan dulce .

  8. Thank you for the beatiful Pictures. Great work you've done.

    LG Alexandra

  9. Incredibly pretty. I must say I love your colour palette a lot. The area behind the steps, with the blinds up, almost looks real. Love the entry table too and how you make rugs, very effective.

    Sarah :)

    Sarah :)

  10. Very beautiful, I love all the pink accents to keep with the flamingo theme!

  11. Me encanta como llevas a la práctica las ideas. Como siempre el resultado es encantador.

  12. una preciosidad de casa , me encantan los colores que has elegido y todas las texturas que utilizas



  13. Gorgeous! There's a light freshness about it that is super appealing. The curtains are dreamy! I love the polka dots mixed with the flamingos, and the chandeliers. Oh so cozy! xo Jennifer

  14. Absolutely gorgeous, a feast for the eyes, Caroline, I love this very cosy cottage. I can't believe it is made of scratch, you've done your famous magic once again :D! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas with us :)!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Ilona

  15. Ese flamenco esta precioso y en la entrada de esta casita queda muy bien.

  16. Maravillosa Caroline, es tan bonita y delicada.
    Me gusta absolutamente todo, papeles, telas, distribucion, muebles........todo encantador.
    Feliz fin de semana y un abrazo.

  17. I'm always amazed at how much of the little stuff inside the cottage you make. The cottage is so much work! And you still make everything within. I have an important question. I was thinking about making my own dollhouse kit so I can have exactly what I want. Should I include the notches so everything fits together like puzzle pieces? Do u think I really need them? Thanks, erin. ; )

  18. Otra vez nos vuelves a sorprender con una casa de aspecto adorable!!! Los muebles son preciosos,los detalles,como las cortinas,le dan tanta vida! la silla de la entrada con el libro a media lectura y toda esa cantidad de flores preciosas de colores delicados la embellecen aún más!!! Forman un conjunto delicioso,enhorabuena!!!

  19. wow! I love this house ... and use different textures makes it special.


  20. Amazing house! I like the colors and the details.

  21. Hi Caroline
    Another beautiful house! You have such wonderful ideas, which you make into reality. I love your unique style and your little homes just keep getting better and better. Lovely!
    All the best

  22. Everything is gorgeous but I really love the front yard.

  23. Su nueva creación se vé encantadora, llena de detalles muy hermosos. Un gran trabajo! un abrazo, Marisa

  24. Hi Caroline! Every inch is soooo Cute!!!! I love the flamingo theme as it makes the entire cottage appear as if it could be a tiny vacation home somewhere in Florida. There is such an abundance of light inside of it as well as a cosy feminine atmosphere from corner to corner. Beautiful Work! :D

  25. So very cute and beautiful! I love the flamingo wallpaper upstairs, and the whole flamingo theme, made a great theme!

  26. Your creative cleverness should be bottled and sold.....l would buy HEAPS!! Love all the funky flamingos....especially the one in the front garden made of clay.

  27. Beautiful and inspiring work as always Caroline! Your blog is always a pleasure to read. I adore your new creation. Your use of different textures is lovely and I am so impressed with all the furniture you make. xo Amy

  28. Breathtakingly lovely as always... I adore the shabby chic coffee table and shelves - but all the furniture is amazing. Love those moss balls and the gorgeous textured chimney too. Another triumph!
    Alison xx

  29. Wow! It's not only beautiful, it has your special touch. It says Caroline all
    in every tiny detail. Thanks for the lovely photos. Your work is fantastic and inspiring.
    Hugs, Drora

  30. I love your blog and the ideas you share so generously. This cottage, well, I'll look at this post again & again.
    I rarely comment but do love to read your blog. It is full of the most amazing miniature eye-candy !

  31. Un trabajo fantástico, lleno de dulzura, como siempre maravilloso.
    Un abrazo.

  32. I admire your work so much. Your dollhouses always make me dream, I think they are full of poetry

  33. this is SO SO cute! You need to check my pinterest flamingo board. I have collected quite a few items for a flamingo house on the beach! I will so need you to make me a flamingo statue or 2. They are a must! Been away for awhile and am having such a great time catching up. You certainly have been busy! How are the plans for your move going? Don't forget I have family/friends down there so you will have to do soe workshops when you get there! xoxo