Thursday, July 7, 2016

La Couturiere - a Custom Dollhouse

I called my new custom dollhouse La Couturiere. This house is a fresh mint color with a lilac door.
The house measures 20 1/2" high x 14 1/2" deep x 13 1/2" across.
 The colors of this house were very hard to photograph. The colors are very soft and feminine. The door is not so purple but more of a sophisticated lilac. And the mint is also subtle. It's really very shabby chic.

 I made the little wreath and tiny white and pink roses using a hole punch in the shape of a flower. I think I used 6 flower shapes for each rose. The door knob is also a rose. It's a bead on a small box fastener. Turned out magical!

 I put a little bicycle in the front. Just back from the market!

I was able to get these tiny stains on the back of the curtain. I used hairspray and cardboard. I sprayed the cardboard down with a large amount of hairspray and put the fabric on top. Let dry. When you lift the fabric up it picks up some of the cardboard fibers. Just a little to look like very old stains.

Downstairs is my sewing scene. I had the sewing machine and dress form left over from another project. I decided it would look great in this house. 
The ironing board was not complicated to do but it was hard to get those legs even.

 The interior doorknob is another rose.
The legs of the table are stair spindles.
I love making baskets.  I poke wires into foam board and start weaving cotton twine. Then I use Modge Podge to stiffen the whole thing. The base of the basket is wood that I add then paint and done!

This is a hall tree I made after seeing Miniatyrmama's potting bench. It just inspired me!

I've made tons of mushrooms before. But the orchid is my first.  I took the instructions for them on a gum paste tutorial for cakes. Worked!
 The bed is a very soft green. It's aged with brown and gold.

 I saw the design for this cage on Pinterest. The original birdcage is by Veronique Lux. I just had to try to make one. There was just photos of it for sale on Ebay. So I guessed the materials and size. I made the little bird with yarn fibers. The swing really swings.

Well, that's another house done! I'll get to work on that mailbox tutorial for you guys.  It's another simple project that adds so much charm to a dollhouse. See you then!


  1. Oh I just love this one. The colors are so pretty & the inside oozes charm. The mail slot in the door is adorable, as is the bicycle. Where did you get it? Good job as usual Caroline.

    1. Hi Deb! Bikes are from Hobby Lobby. They come glossy black. Just paint with primer, then desired color and seal. Done!

  2. Another adorable house. I have seen so many basket tutorials, but yours looks to be the easiest, rustic and charming. I may have to make one. Interestingly, I have painted the new house, the Bellingham Farmhouse, a minty green. Not liking it so much, since I was trying for a more dusky, saggy green, so I will have my paint re-tinted. The lavender door is a perfect color with the green. I love the roses; I may have to try making them too.

  3. Well, I think you've finally outdone yourself with this one Caroline! Every little detail is stunning! The little birdcage, it's amaaaaazing! I wouldn't even know where to begin on something like that! The bed looks gorgeous and so comfy too. LOVE IT! I'll be on the lookout for the mailbox tutorial:)

  4. Charming to the Nth degree, Caroline! I love the colors you've chosen for the exterior, and the interiors of your upstairs and downstairs is best described as "Ooo La La!" :D

  5. Just had to post a comment to say how gorgeous your work is. So many fantastic ideas in this little cottage, you would never imagine you could cram so much in but you have. Beautiful work

  6. Beautiful!
    I think I could just move in :) I hope you will do a flower tutorial sometime soon.

    Big Hugs,

  7. !!!! Es preciosa Caroline !!!!, me encantan todos y cada uno de los detalles,y los recovecos de la habitación están genial.
    Siempre trabajos maravillosos.
    Feliz fin de semana.

  8. Hi Caroline,
    What a sweet house, love the colors and that it has a sewing
    room. Can't believe you made that basket, you must have a lot of
    Each one is better than the last.........they are all amazing in their own ways.
    Hope you are doing well sweetie, and how is Lizzie and
    you kitty??
    have a great weekend hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  9. Me gusta mucho esta casa. Tiene un encanto especial.¡Es admirable la imaginación que tienes. Eres capaz de crear una gran variedad de elementos y hacer casas muy diferentes pero todas con encanto.

  10. Hello Caroline
    What another beautiful house. Your talent and imagination never cease to amaze me.
    All the best

  11. Ах, как красиво! Замечательная работа!

  12. Really charming and delightful!!! I always admire your eye for little details, like the rose doorknobs.

  13. Absolutamente encantadora y maravillosa! Todos los detalles me han enamorado! ♥

  14. You do make beUtiful things! ; ) cheers luvvy. Hope ur having a wonderful summer.

  15. Such a stunning wee cottage Caroline.....your love of what you do shows in every tiny detail you the soft shabby colours and how you did the stains on the curtains, just can't believe what you come up with to make your cottages so authentic. Also fabulous scissors on the sewing table and the roses on the sewing machine, not to mention the iron and ironing board...The bike out the front with all the market goodies is just inspired...Oh and the orchid on the hall table...what can l say you're AMAZING and an inspiration to us all.

  16. Amazing! I love the lilac door. The atmosphere is so cozy.

  17. Oh Caroline! Romantic perfection! You really have honed your craft to such a high degree of beauty!

  18. Oh how sweet! Love the cute little dollhouse. So many beautiful details too. You are so talented. Found you through Nellie's blog. I would love if you share your beautiful creation at our link party, Dishing It & Digging it. The party is live now.

  19. Wow Caroline I love your house well I Love ALL your houses they are always so wonderful. Your details are amazing I love the colors and all the tiny rose details. The bike and the bed are gorgeous and the hall table is stunning with so many beautiful details. Lol I fall in love with every house you create :) Wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

  20. wow! It is incredible, Caroline !! I love! the small cage is beautiful! ah! I can not close my mouth ... I stay if words ... I love everything !!
    A big mini hugs❤️

  21. Hello Caroline!
    sorry Im so late in responding to your post, the cottage is so cute I love everything about it. if I were a tiny person I would live there (Im just getting back to sewing and I love the cute sewing machine) the roses add a very nice touch


  22. hi cinderella, your little houses and the gardens are very pretty,
    I desire to know what is the name of the wild grass vine used to climb walls, I want to make an easy wisteria.

    1. Here are the links:

      Round leaf vine-

      tiny leaf vine-

  23. You have such a distinctive style but your creations are always unique. Such a beautiful house Caroline. :) Love the basket and the table and the bike and the dormer roofs and the front door!

  24. Love, Love, Love this - did you use a kit house as your base? Looking forward to the next one!

  25. Love, love, love this - may be my favorite one yet! Did you start with a kut?