Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Gift From Carolyn!

This has been such a busy time building dollhouse after dollhouse.  In the mist of all the construction, came a lovely surprise from Carolyn Robbins of Warm Heart Bears.  It's Octavia!
Carolyn contacted me and told me she had made me a gift.  The package arrived quickly.  When I opened the box I couldn't believe Carolyn's generosity! This little treasure is the most precious bear ever.  The little bear is exquisitely made with gorgeous detailing.
The bear is weighty. So you can stand her up.  She is made of mohair. So luxurious! Look at that face! So Sweet!! Everything is done to perfection on the bear. The nose is glittery so it has a realistic look. The shading is so artistic. Nothing was left undone. Carolyn thought of everything.
 Her little paws are just adorable.
 The tiny crochet flower in her ear has a delicate pearl.
Octavia is fully jointed. Her little nose is so sweet. And her eyes are glass.

She arrived with her little wooden chest, a round pillow for her to sit on, a beautiful envelope with all her info and a velvet pumpkin!
Perfectly perfect!
This little lady stands 4 1/2" tall. So she actually fits in my 1/12 scale dollhouses.

I appreciate this gift so much Carolyn! This little girl is exactly my style. And I know that's no accident. Thank you again and again!
I know you want one!
Here is Carolyn's info:
Instagram: @warmheartbears
Facebook: @WarmHearBears

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