Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Very Blessed Cottage Custom Dollhouse

Here she is! A Very Blessed Cottage for Tracy.
This dollhouse is 15 12" x 15 1/2" x 18 1/2" tall.
 All the vines have pink flowers.
There's a sweet garden and a porch light.
The porch has a "metal" roof.
 Tracy had requested shutters. Unfortunately, I made all the windows so big that there was no space for them. LOL! So I put a fake window here with shutters.  Sometimes you have to get creative!
 This plaster wall is aged cream with brown stones.
 The siding is very light gray. I get this siding from I also get my shingles there.
 On this wall I made a trellis using veneer I get at Hobby Lobby.
 You can find the little fences where they sell fairy garden supplies. But this one came from Hobby Lobby. They are located where all the wood rods, wood embellishments are.

 You can see the "fire" flickering in the fireplace mantel.

The house has a very open floorplan for maximum decorating possibilities.
In the entry area I did a tin ceiling. This demarks a separate space without having to take up room with a wall.
Also the walls are covered with ridged paper here which also makes it feel like a separate room.
 The ladder steps are removable.
 Tracy also ordered a basket, paintings, and a little clay house.

 The upstairs is very sweet and simple with a touch of pink in the wallpaper and also in the chandelier.

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Thank you Tracy for the commission order. This was a great house to work on.
Up next, a little more fairytale cottage outside with an English style and a turret. But with a light and airy interior. See you soon!


  1. Es preciosa!!! Me gusta el detalle del techo. Y las lamparas super originales.

  2. Absolutamente preciosa y elegante !!!!!

  3. Es preciosa. Me encanta el toque exterior de las plantas y las posibilidades de decoración al ser tan abierta.

  4. Tracy gets a totally cute house ... congratulations!!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!


  5. This was a lovely visit, the house is really gorgeous.

  6. Het is een plaatje geworden Caroline wat een werk weer ik heb er van genoten lieve groetjes Daniëlle

  7. What a beautiful cottage! Your artistic and creative gifts are reflected in each unique detail and all of the inventive techniques you use to age the textures and give the home character. This home, like all of your others, is such a pure, noble, and praiseworthy use of the talent you have been given. I feel blessed by this little masterpiece.

  8. Love this beautiful cottage! The tin ceilings really clever.

  9. I can't believe that I missed this! It is so cute. Tracy will adore it.

  10. Hi! What do you use for the vining flowers and where do you get them?