Monday, March 11, 2019

Swan Ridge - Furnished Custom Dollhouse

I've finished furnishing Swan Ridge for Barbara.
This house is covered in dried flowers and real greenery. No plastic.
I found the chairs and tables at Hobby Lobby.They are part of a set with a bench. So I bought 2 sets to have 2 chairs.
 I love bunting. I think it makes any house look so festive and romantic.  The 2 windows are the type that slide open.
 This little mailbox was the last piece I made for the house. The porch was just missing something. You can see a tutorial for the mailbox here: mailbox
 I use a thick canvas material used to make drop-clothes to make all the rugs.
The house is 18” across x 18 1/2 tall without the chimney. It’s 12 1/4” deep plus a  4” porch.

 I made the chairs, table, mantel, pillows, rug, flowers and chandelier.
 The table was a buffet that came with a broken leg. So I transformed it into a halltree with a real chalkboard.

 The kitchen has a very vintage vibe.
 I made the sink from scratch as well as the stove and hood,  and the table.

This fridge was actually part of a basic kitchen set from Hobby Lobby. I had not used the fridge because it looked hideous. It was a rectangle box.  All it took was rounding off all the corners and edges.  I added a couple of trim pieces and the word love(jewelry finding). I painted it a soft robin egg blue and glossed it heavily.
Upstairs is the bedroom and bath.
 I painted the tub bottom half in a mat cream color.

 Made a bed all messy and cozy. There is also a bench and nightstand.

I hoped you enjoyed your tour of this little cottage!

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