Saturday, August 15, 2020

Wedding Hill Cottage Custom Dollhouse

 I love the way Wedding Hill Cottage Custom Dollhouse turned out! The French doors in the front gives this house a beautiful elegant look. 

This house is 17 1/2" tall x 11 1/2" wide x 16 3/4" deep.
It is available in my Etsy shop


  1. Any bride love love to call this little cottage home. I love it. The doors are truly unique. Have you found your way to a Cricut Maker yet? What magic you could work.

  2. Gorgeous house full of light, I like very much how you decorated the walls inside the house.

  3. ¡Encantadora! Muy bonitas las puertas.

  4. La puerta es espectacular. y me encantan todos esos tragaluces.
    Un trabajo maravilloso !!!!

  5. As with all your builds, it's so wonderfully atmospheric. I love that there's lots of light, and enchanting details everywhere!

  6. Hi Caroline,
    This just might be one of my favorite cottages you've ever done. Course, I have to say that is hard to say cause I pretty much love them all. I just love all the paned windows and the gorgeous french doors, and the windows on top of the house as it makes it looks sort of like a conservatory. Also the pretty decor
    on the walls. Just so lovely.

    Hope this finds you doing well sweetie, love all your new lil they are all so sweet....
    Just so you know we did finally open our Greeting card shop some months back,
    as we felt the Lord told us to as it might be useful during the covid crisis.
    I know you told me to let you know and maybe I did, but if so I forgot so figured I would tell you why I am here.

    So how are yall surviving all this craziness?? I tell you we are hearing a lot of Pastors say they are wondering if the Lord might be coming for us soon, and
    I have to agree cause a lot of prophecy has been fulfilled so it could be any time.....Might see you in the air
    Blessings Hon,