Monday, July 12, 2021

821 Yvonnderella Cottage 1:6 Scale Custom Dollhouse

 Something a bit different this time… a 1/6 playscape house. 

This is a commission for Yvonne and her new Blythe doll.

I made a special sign for the cottage's address.

The little chair turned out very sturdy. We wouldn't want a Blythe to injure herself. LOL!

Although there is no fireplace mantel, I had to add a chimney. This is always the best place to tuck away switches and batteries.  

The interior had to be beach cottage like. So everything is either white or whitewash for a very relaxed yet sophisticated look.

This was my first time making hangers. 

This house is a bigger scale.  It measures 24" front to back x 23 1/4" tall x 22" across.  
Thanks for the visit!


  1. What a truly beautiful little cottage - although I use the term "little" somewhat loosely as I am used to 1:12 or 1:48 size. I know Yvonne will be absolutely thrilled with it. The finishes are perfect and the little clothes hangers came together so well. I have seen some beautiful clothes for Blythe dolls and they will look fabulous on these hangers. Great job. - Marilyn D.

  2. Adorable por dentro y por fuera !!!!!

  3. Very cute! I think you meant to say you wouldn't want her to injure herself. Good job, though. The hangers came out great. Love the sign.

  4. Oh….this is a lovely cottage for a lucky Blythe. Beautiful work made with love.