Friday, April 15, 2022

La Patisserie de la Reine - a Custom Commissioned Dollhouse Part 2

The downstairs is coming together.  La Patisserie de la Reine will be a very ornate bakery and tea salon. So there's lots of trims and embellishments.

The wood in the background is strips of very thin veneer wood. The picture moulding is Popsicle sticks cut lengthwise. And all the embellishments are from cake icing moulds. 
All the wood is painted white and then aged with brown ink pads.
This panel is going to be right in front of the stairs. 
The large chandelier is positioned center and will have a display table under it. The smaller chandeliers are positioned to have a counter under one and a small table and chairs under the other.
The fireplace mantel is also in place now with all the wiring for the fire. 

Here is what the wires look like from the top(the second floor). This will be under the wood floor. 
And this is how the wires are gathered on the side of the house. They will all get pulled up to the roof and get hidden in the chimney with the switch and battery.
It looks very much like a wedding cake in here!
There's a few things I may add down here.
There may be just enough room under the stairs to add a bit more moulding just next to where the shelf unit will be.
I'm thinking of adding a few pieces of embellishment around that middle chandelier. 
The roof sides are also glued in place. In this house 1/2 the windows are part of the wall and the other half is part of the roof. 
The roof has a slant to it.  I glued it together and then measured to get the roof top perfect. 
That's all for now.  Next will be the upstairs.
Happy Easter!


  1. It's really showing it's character and beauty already, wonderful!

  2. Sencillamente...... espectacular !!!!!!

  3. Those upper windows are an engineering coo, cant wait to see


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