Thursday, July 21, 2022

Rue Orlean Custom Dollhouse

 Rue Orlean is my latest dollhouse. Enjoy the photos!

This house is measures 20" tall x 13 3/4" across x 15 1/2" deep.
Downstairs front to back with the entry is 14". It is 11" from the front window to the back of the house. 13" across and9 1/4" tall.
Upstairs is 11" front to back of the house x 13" x 8 1/4" tall.

This house is available in my Etsy shop: CinderellaMoments
Thanks for the visit!


  1. Hello! I love looking at your Dollhouses! Where do you find the Embellishments?

  2. Maravillosa por dentro y por fuera !!!!!

  3. I love the expose brick detail and that the stairs are to one side and the all the detail. Wonderful.