Thursday, November 10, 2022

Chateau Dans Les Nuages Custom 1/12 Dollhouse

 Chateau Dans Les Nuages (Castle in the clouds) dollhouse is a bigger dollhouse. I haven't made one this size for my shop in such a long time. But since Christmas is coming I thought I'd make a special house.

This dollhouse is 1/12 scale. It's about 23" across the front x 19" deep x 23" tall.
The exterior is aged white plaster with lots of embellishments.  And the vines and flowers all come Hobby Lobby. 
I thought these doors made the perfect French entry. The entry is lighted.
The decorations make this the most romantic chateau!

On the roof are two chimneys. Inside each chimney is 2 switches and 2 batteries to control the lights and fireplaces.
No details were spared on this one -  corner stones, stone foundation, picture holdings on each side of the entry.

The sides of the house are also embellished. 

Inside there are 8 lights and 2 fireplaces. 
This living room has 1 of the fireplaces. It's 18"front to back x 13 1/4" side to side and 8 3/4" tall.
The floors are white washed throughout the house for a light bright feel they can accommodate any style.
The interior is full of embellishments. 

The chandeliers are all handmade.

This room is smaller than the living. I think it would be a great kitchen. It's 18" front to back x 8 1/2" side to side x 8 3/4" tall.

Upstairs is separated in 3 sections. This room has a fireplace. It would make a great bedroom. But I could also see a bathtub in front of that fireplace.

There is a working door to get into the rooms upstairs. This room is 8 1/2" side to side x 18" front to back x 9" tall.

This is the hallway/stair landing. 
The hallway is 6" side to side x 18" front to back x 9" tall.
This is the door to the fireplace bedroom. 
And this is the second room upstairs.  This room is 7 1/4" side to side x 18" front to back x 9" tall. 

If you are interested in this dollhouse it is listed for purchase in my Etsy shop:


  1. That's very fine! Have you made it of MDF board?

  2. Preciosa, maravillosa y espectacular !!!!!!!

  3. I changed my Mind this is my top 1 😍, big house gives more room for a lot of charm and fantasy