Monday, March 13, 2023

To My Dearest Cottage Dollhouse

 This sweet little cottage is full of romantic charm. To My Dearest Cottage is a 1/12 scale handmade from scratch dollhouse. 

The outside has vertical aged boards and hand carved bricks. Delightfully showcased with romantic white and pink flowering vines.

There's a beautiful bow embellishment above the door to beckon you inside!

The shingles are placed unevenly for a gorgeous whimsical old look.

A peek through the door at what sweetness awaits!

The front wall is aged plaster with fabulous exposed brick.
Everything is made to look old and as if it had existed for a 100 years including the ceiling boards.
This wallpaper is so feminine. A bed against this wall would look perfect. But it could also have a beautiful sofa or an exquisite dining area. The possibilities are endless!

The house comes with one of my original crystal chandeliers adorned with cream roses.
Maybe a little writing desk over here?

This little cottage is in my Etsy shop:

I love your visits! Come back anytime for another turn around the cottage!


  1. She's so precious! I love all the brick. :)

  2. All the finishes are so beautiful. Seeing this makes my day!

  3. Todas las casas, con ese toque tuyo tan especial!!!

  4. Llena de encanto y posibilidades !!!!!!!

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