Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Christmas Dollhouse with a Whimsical Touch!

I'm done with the Christmas dollhouse. I went totally wild with the colors on this one! Here are the pictures:
Pretty whimsical I think! I customized the primrose kit by greenleaf.
I made the little stockings. That was too fun! :) I painted the painting and frame and made a Cinderella Moments Cottage.
At first I thought about putting the Christmas tree bare and letting the future owner decorate it. But it looked sooo sad! So...
*Bing* a decorated tree!
Everything is hand painted. No wallpaper, just me and my paintbrush! I love the roses! The floor is hand carved concrete  that is hand painted. The walls are plaster.
Let's go outside....
I painted the door with an adoable print I saw on fabric(Mary Engelbreit). The Christmas lights are nonworking. I always add a plug in set on my houses when Christmas rolls around. I made the little rosette on the door just to have something different and with a vintage feel.  Those little mushrooms are by Etsy artist serenitymosaics. They are so cute!

 This is a dormer I added. I put crepe paper on the peak for added cuteness. I made a window box and filled it with moss and little glossy berries. They remind me of candied apples.
This polka dot custom dollhouse was very fun to make even in the hot weather!

Available at:  CinderellaMoments


  1. It is lovely! I love how much fun you had with the patterns and the color scheme.

  2. Oh my, It just makes you smile.