Monday, June 21, 2010

Shabby Chic Beach Dollhouse

This beach dollhouse is definitely starting to get that shabby chic look! I did the front door and sanded it. It looked very worn and I loved it. So I decided the house should get the shabby chic treatment.

Here's the paneling with the worn look.

This is my favorite part so far: the shabby chic curtains.  These beautiful white curtains are actually sprayed with hairspray. It's a trick I got from Liberty Biberty(a fabulous blog). The curtains are just stiff enough to keep their shape.

Isn't that neat?

I just tried these out. I still have to put them on a little rod.  The other little window on the side is getting a burlap treatment. I also made artwork with a burlap background and a seashell.
I'm now painting all the outside trim in white.

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