Friday, June 4, 2010

Cinderella's Front Porch

I Made another front porch. This one is Cinderella's Front Porch.  When I added the pumpkins it just looked like Cinderella's cottage!

I had a little stack of miniature letters I had made. I think they're love letters from Prince Charming! I made the fairytale pumpkins and the little gnome house on the wall out of paper clay. The roses and leaves are paper I dyed and cut into shape. I made the door knob out of metal. 

Here are the sides and back. I think this stone finish is my favorite to create. It's just layers of greys and spots of mildew and aged finishes. Don't you think Cinderella lives there?



  1. I wish my Fairy Gogmother could whip me up a little cottage like that in my back yard as a craft spot! Oh bibitybobityboohoo.

  2. Your Cinderella's front porch is so adorable. I like your little house from the previous post. I like reading about how you make them because you do such a great job. Your Missouri Friend.

  3. You must be the best architect in Toyland! It's gorgeous. So whimsical!