Monday, July 8, 2019

Lost in a Fairytale Custom Dollhouse Part 1

New Project! This one is from my book Building a Fairytale Cottage.  I've made a couple changes to it.  You can get this book on Blurb or the PDF from Etsy.

I am working with on this one. They have gifted me a few things to use in this project.  This is a company I've been ordering from since I started miniatures.  They have always been listed on my resources page as one of my favorite mini providers.  I'll show you how and where I use everything.

First, I used hardboard from Home Depot to make the walls and floor of the house. I did make the house a couple of inches bigger and taller.
Inside I made the upstairs into a full floor instead of a loft. Here you see the first  couple of steps to build a house. The floor is in place downstairs. These are jumbo Popsicle sticks. And the walls are plastered where there will  not be wallpaper or wood.
I added a wall downstairs. This will separate the living and kitchen areas.  This wall gets plaster on one side and wallpaper on the other.  The wall which will be the kitchen has birch siding and the windows are trimmed with Popsicle sticks.
This is the kitchen side.
This is the livingroom. It will have a mantel where the ridged paper is(Hobby Lobby). I print my wallpaper off Pinterest.  I look for real life wallpapers that have enough of a repeat that I can cut and paste them together on my computer.

This house is suppose to look like something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting.  So the floors and some of the woodwork will be darker.  The style will be mixed with a little shabby chic flare too with the furniture.

This plank wall has green and white but the camera did not pick that up.
The upstairs has gray wallpaper with pink and deeper pink/burgundy roses.


  1. Oh dear, I love your stage-photo, I know the secret that it's not so easy, but also love to show people the joy and ease of our work in the photo. hop-hop-done-voila

  2. Me encanta ver como va tomando forma tu nuevo proyecto, y me gusta mucho el tono de las maderas !!!