Friday, July 19, 2019

Lost in a Fairytale Part 4 Chair Tutorial

Kitchen chairs are pieces of furniture I usually purchase.  But that doesn't mean you can't add character and make them totally your own.
For this project I partnered with
I chose these chairs on the website. They are spindle back chairs which have a perfectly fairytale look about them! Here's the link:
They are a good base- well made and sturdy.
First, I painted the chairs with a gray(pick your favorite color) acrylic.
 Next, I age the chairs. I use 3 different brown ink pads from the stamping section of the store. These are from Hobby Lobby.

 To get into the tight spots I use a hard bristle brush. This one is well used as you can see!
Don't do your aging evenly. You want some spots with more ink than others. 
For the cushions, I'm starting with a piece of craft foam sheet.  A piece of thick cardboard will work too. I made it just a tad smaller than the chair seat.
 I cut the fabric pieces 1/4" bigger than the foam. And I cut diagonal slits at each corner. To make sure my slits are not too deeply cut,  I placed the foam on the fabric and marked a line with a pencil from the outer corner of the fabric to the corner of the foam.
 I glued down 2 of the sides.
 Next, cut off the extra fabric. I did 2 of the little triangle over hanging fabric here. Next I cut the other 2.
 Now glue down the other 2 sides. For these I'm folding those overhangs under and gluing everything in place.

Hot glue onto chair seat.
 Let's make it pretty!  I am using lace/crochet trim. This one is from the ribbon section of Hobby Lobby's fabric department.  I glue it to the sides of the cushion. I use a combination of glues. For the corners I used hot glue and for the rest craft glue.
 As my pretty ties, I use embroidery floss.  If your ends don't hang properly just coat them with a little glue.  You can even glue them to the chair's leg if they are really unruly.

 I painted a rose on each chair back.  I use acrylics: red, pink, white, green. Don't let any color dry between each step. Start with a red center and swoosh some pink into it. Not covering the red but pulling some into the pink for sure. Then I accent with white and add green leaves. And I don't clean my brush between steps either.

I hope you found this tutorial easy and helpful. Happy creating!


  1. Wow I love the chairs. Now I know what to do with a couple that I have :))
    The cushions are very pretty.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Muchas gracias Caroline, el resultado es fantástico, me encantan tus sillas !!!!!

  3. I’m making some chairs for Sophia’s little design studio that you are building.. based on this awesome tutorial!

  4. ¡Qué bonitas! Estupendo tutorial. Gracias