Thursday, July 11, 2019

Lost in a Fairytale Part 3

Now it's time to finish the exterior. Not all parts of your dollhouse have to be wood. 
 There are certain things like the dormer roofs,
 The cone shaped roofs and
the door surround where I use cardboard.  These are often odd angles or pieces that need to be cut precisely for a space.  Covered with concrete it will be a strong as every other part of the roof. also sent me a pair of acanthus brackets. You can purchase them here:
 I love the weight and size of them.  They don't feel cheap and all the details are clean. 
I glued them onto the front door surround and then applied the concrete all around them. Then painted everything dark brown.
 I used concrete to cover most of the house.
Here is the link for the concrete I use:
It's a pre-mixed product which means no mess and the correct consistency every time.
I use acrylics to paint.

 All the bricks, stones, beams are done using a thin edge (like a utility knife or X-acto knife) while the concrete is still wet.  If it's too wet and your lines are disappearing just give it 5 minutes to set a little. Then you'll be able to get a nice sharp line. 
All the shingles and coconut fiber roofing is glued on and the greenery also glued on. See the links for all different types of vines and flowers on my resources page. 
The coconut is used to line the bottom of outdoor pots.
I hot glued it onto the roofs.
 On this side of the house I wanted to put an extra fancy piece of trim behind the turret. 
I found the perfect piece at
This moulding is perfect because the top shelf sticks out from under the roof and it looks like a gutter. 

The door is from here:
Next post I will show you how I finish these chairs...
They will be part of a little eating area. 


  1. Bellisimo comotodo lo que haces. Envios argentina haces?

  2. Beautiful cottage I love the door and the very pretty roof. Thank you for sharing all your amazing ideas.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Qué casa más alegre, me encantan los exteriores con los ladrillos en diferentes tonos.
    Ha quedado preciosa, y muchas gracias por las explicaciones.

  4. Hi Caroline,
    Been awhile since I have been by....see you have a new lil charmer coming along cute as always. Hope this finds you and your family doing well. We
    are keeping pretty busy over here these days. Think I told you hubby retired a year ago the end of May, so we are working on our 2nd year now. We
    are sure enjoying it and we are finally working on our card shop, and we are
    close to 60% of being ready to open, so getting excited.
    So how are you liking your new home?? Hope all is well sweetie,
    Take care and come by and say hello and catch me up on things.
    Love and Blessings,