Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Kotton Kandy Kit Dollhouse: New Orleans Shabby Chic Finished

I finished the Kotton Kandy New Orleans Shabby Chic dollhouse. I must say this one was the easiest one I've done yet. The kit by Melissa and Doug is very easy to put together and doesn't have too many parts. Although it's more expensive, it might be worth it if this is your first dollhouse. I did another shabby chic dollhouse with it. I can't help it! I must have shabby chic blood running through my veins!
The roof is dollhouse pine shingles. I made a water down mix of black and lots of cream paint. Mixed it a very little bit. And bathed the shingles in. Let them air fry and you get these terrific shades of gray,cream, dark gray.
This room needed a pink crystal chandelier. It is not a working one. Just one to look pretty.
The downstairs one is also just for show and doesn't light up. I thought I would use a battery operated one but I didn't want any cords. So I used a nonworking chandelier.
I made this chandelier with wire I curled with pliers, painted all white with handmade roses.
This pink one is the same process except I used pink glass beads on the wires.
I made bunting for the house warming party. It's hand dyed pink and tea stained cotton on a twine string with pink buttons.



  1. It's a beautiful house. I especially love the front of it. =)

  2. I'm sure Deborah is going to be thrilled with it! It is absolutely darling, I just love those little chandy's!!!

  3. I LOVE it! It's so adorable- the shingles look fantastic and I love the little housewarming bunting you have added- so cute!!!!

  4. Estoy enamorada de esa preciosa casita.
    Las lamparas te han quedado perfectas, me encanta la que has hecho con velitas.
    Un acabado perfecto, GENIAL!!!!
    Gracias por el enlace.
    besitos ascension

  5. Caroline, you have done another fabulous job in creating this very charming mini abode.
    Absolutly adorable.
    ps...I'm thinking that the six inch doll would probably work well with this little house of yours.