Monday, September 12, 2011

Romantic Log Cabin Custom Dollhouse

There are times when I can wait patiently finishing the outside of a dollhouse first and then doing the interior decorating. This is NOT one of those times. I nearly exploded with excitement over my little shabby chic interior!
I blame Pinterest entirely!  Not only do I get my ideas organized, but I also get to see  everybody else's amazing internet finds!!
First, I saw this cute cupcake on an adorable kitchen's wall:
I couldn't resist it!
This is my little cupcake made by using thick canvas(book binding). I also made a little pink banner that reads "Happily Ever After."

I also got this idea for a crystal curtain:
Here is a mini version:
With a little tea stained piece of lace for the bottom curtain.
I finished the wood floor and made a gray/taupe wash for it.(watered down paint to let the wood grain show.)
The door is also done and hinged.
Here is the fireplace mantle. With a pennant banner, a hand painted sign, bouquet of fabric roses and a tiny bird house. The bird house is cardboard and it is on a pedestal made from a push pin.
I put on the roof. I painted the ceiling a very faint pink. I just love the sweet  glow this gives the room.

On the exterior, I made the stone bottom out of concrete.


  1. Oh my gosh...this is DARLING! I feel so redundant when I leave you comments but really, you just never cease to amaze!!! I adore the little crystal window covering!

  2. This is so sweet! I can't wait to see more, Caroline! :-)

  3. You're unbelievable, Caroline! What drives you, I don't know. But, I wish I had some of it. Firstly, I find that door with the hinges so striking! It caught my eye. Adorable, those little crystals in the window. That photo of the dream kitchen is very inspiring.

  4. The crystal curtain is so amazing! I would move into that house if I were a doll!
    I wish I had a decent workspace so I could build dollhouses.

  5. I agree with Lucille - I want a bit of whatever you're on!! Maybe something would actually get done around here LOL It's so funny that you're blaming Pinterest for this burst of activity whereas most of us are blaming it for not much happening except Pinning!! ;) This little shabby project is soooo cute, especially love that bunting around the fireplace.

  6. No sé cómo haces para sacar tiempo :-) Está quedando muy bonita y me encantan los detalles que le vas poniendo. Esa cocina "pastelito" es una verdadera preciosidad :-)
    Un beso

  7. Me gusta, me gusta, me gusta.....
    muchísimo, precioso, cuantas ideas!!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  8. Hi Caroline,
    Oh...your cabin is darling........
    love the cupcake on the wall and the fireplace mantle, so cute, and what a great base, a push pin. Don't you just love coming up with great ideas like that.........
    Once my son and I (many years ago) were working on a map of Florida as
    a Social Studies project, and we came up with all sort of neat things to do to represent areas of Florida. A spray painted silver
    tiny sytrofoam ball with some pole pins stuck in the bottom for legs,
    to represent Epcot @ Disney. Piles of itty bitty logs cut from small dowel then painted brown, and we used some capacitors (think that is what they are called)or electrical
    parts for condos, cause that's what they looked like.............
    and he even won first place with it and took it to the county competition. So we were thrilled.

    Once when we were doing a missions
    conference at our church, we were trying to show the food products that the country grew and we needed sugar cane, but we didn't know where to get it, but I did know someone who had bamboo, so we took the bamboo and stuffed it with cream of wheat, and it looked just like sugar cane!! Love coming up
    with a way to do things! where there is a will there is a way, I always say, and you are proof in the pudding hon............

    Another cute creation.
    Blessings, Nellie

  9. Un monton de ideas y a todas les sacas partido, me encanta como te esta quedando.
    besitos ascension

  10. Your little cabin is adorable, it looks so lovely with his bright colors !
    I like the little paris painting on the fireplace, did you paint it ??

    Hugs Mieke

  11. Promete ser una casa espectacular!!
    Estaré super atenta, me encantan tus ideas y creatividad!!