Saturday, April 21, 2012

My First Book and The 4th of July Dollhouse!

I published a book!
I always wanted to write a children's book. Finally, I did it! I used my little clay dolls, the 4th of July Dollhouse and the " Doughnut Shop" Dollhouse. This is a story about 3 little girls who open a lemonade stand. It's a sweet story you'll love reading to your daughter or grand daughter. I kept it to 26 pages. Perfect bedtime reading size!!
I shot the pictures with my sister. We had a lot of fun playing with dolls. If you want to order a copy you can click  the link on the top right sidebar.

 It has really cute doll pictures and a good message. Very girly, very positive and simple enough for any little girl to understand.
And the 4th of July Dollhouse is all done! Here are the pictures:


This house is available at Cinderella Moments


  1. Congrats on your adorable book and dollhouse, Caroline! Great idea on the book--kids and their parents will love it! The house is so fun! :-) Jennifer

  2. Congratulations on your book!!! How exciting! I'm sure it's a lovely book too.

    Do you think you'll ever make a flower shop or have you made one in the past and I missed it?

  3. Congratulations on your book I am sure it will a hit. I wish it was in Hebrew so I could order several for my and my friends' grandchildren.
    The 4th of July house is lovely.

  4. Felicidades por tu publicacion!!
    Tambien te felicito por tu nueva casa el exterior,es una replica autentica a las casa americanas!! por dentro es preciosa.
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  5. Hi Caroline, this book is sooooo sweet, I took a look inside :)
    You did a great job !!! I love it !
    If, perhaps some day I will have a grand daughter, I would love reading to her.
    Have a great Sunday !

    Hugs Meke xxx

  6. The 4th of July Dollhouse is a like a dream , I love all the sweet details :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  7. Congratulations Caroline on publishing your first book, It sounds fantastic!!!I've always wanted to write a children's book too!!It sounds like you've created a magical story to go with your lovely scenes and dolls.
    Your 4th July Dollhouse is gorgeous, I love the beautiful climbing plants outside and all the details inside are wonderful!!
    Hugs, Vicky xxxxx

  8. Hello Caroline,
    Many congratulations for the book, I am sure it will be a success, and that all little girls will love it!
    The house is beautiful! Perfect as always ..

  9. Another winner, Caroline! When I look at that last pic, there appears to be such an atmosphere of celebration on that porch.

    It makes me want to join in. I love the staircase. The bedroom is so sweet! I am starting to love pastel green as much as I love pink. I like the mailbox. It's unique! I love the assortment of colours you have chosen. Like the black and white floor with the turquoise of the island, and the different greens on the second floor with the pink chandelier.

    I will be getting your book soon. What a fabulous idea you had to use your dolls and your houses to illustrate it.

  10. Congratulations on the book Caroline. What a wonderful achievement. The 4th of July house is gorgeous. I love the outside of it.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Enhorabuena por tu libro.
    Siempre he pensado que tus casitas son de cuento, geniales para ilustrar cualquier cuento para niños.
    Felicidades por esta preciosa casita.
    besitos ascension

  12. Felicidades por tu libro, es la recompensa a tu gran trabajo¡¡¡
    Adoro tu tecnica y estilo, eres personal y original¡¡¡
    Un beso grande Caroline

  13. Congratulations on your book! It looks lovely, perfect for little girls.
    And your house is wonderful.

  14. Caroline..
    First and formost Congratualtions to you on your book. How proud you must feel.
    And, kudos to you with your Red, White and Blue...another cutie! Love the front...oh my. Special! Front porch...swoon!
    Looking forward to the shabby grey one. Have a funfilled day.

  15. Congratulations on your book.
    Your house is fabulous. I like all the details.
    Bye Faby

  16. Congratulations on your cute book! I looked at the preview pages of the book, it`s lovely. In fact, I have earlier wondered a little at the thought: dollhouse-photos/book, but not done anything more about it. Nice to see that you have made ​​a book! And once again you have made a great house.

  17. Hi Caroline,
    Oh how exciting about your book hon,
    that is wonderful, It looks adorable.
    what a wonderful achievement and you should be very proud of yourself....
    Your 4th of July cottage came out so well, it looks so Americana looking,
    love that! Charming as always.

    Thanks so much for coming by and for your really encouraging comments, so glad it is a blessing to you. Mean so much!

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and hope you sell tons of books...........

    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  18. Everything looks wonderful as always - and congratulations on your book!! That lemonade stand is so sweet.

  19. Congrats on the book! I can imagine how it must be cute! I'm very happy for you. ;)
    The 4th of July Dollhouse is wonderful. I loved it!

  20. Muchas felicidades por la publicación de tu libro y por esa maravillosa casita, es preciosa.

  21. Hi Caroline, congrats on the book! You have a great blog, I have took a look ;)!
    Have a great weekend. Kind regards, Ilona

  22. Now you are going to be a famous Author of Children's Books!!! I think the book will be amazing.

    Love the all the details in the house. The little white towel hanging from the island is adorable!

  23. Many congrats, I'm sure the book is just awesome! :) Just like your tiny creations!

  24. Oh my! Congratulations on your book! What a sweet creation! I wish you all the best with it.
    Your 4th of July house looks so real, I expect to see real people in those rocking chairs! It looks so lived in. Well done again!

  25. Your amazing ...I love all the sweet details and can just imagine that your storybook will delight young and old alike... Will you sell it ? I hope so ... Love all the pictures....Hugs

  26. OMG Caroline! Everything is beautiful
    Congrats on the book. I dabbled a little check out my post
    Nothing like are so talented.

  27. Congratulations on your book!!
    I love the 4th of july house, everything is so beautiful :-)

    Hugs Jollie

  28. wow so adorable
    Good post dear

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