Monday, April 16, 2012

This and That

I've been working on some little projects.  My next house will be shabby chic white and gray.
 I finally made a Trumeau mirror!  I saw Susi's of Mini Eden. She has a shop on Etsy MiniEdenTienda where I saw her mirrors and I finally saw how to do these! Thanks Susi!

 I made this little key holder. I think this was the side of a chair or some bit of dollhouse? I can't remember. But I loved the heart cut out and saved it. I twisted wires into hooks and done!
And I needed a slip covered chair. So I took a wood frame and glued batting on it.
I've reupholstered human sized stuff before. So I figured I'd do this mini the same easy way. I pinned the fabric on reverse side. Sewed it all and flipped it over to get a loose fitting slip cover.
I did it in one swift swoosh! I was afraid to get lost and confused if I stopped.
The little pillow has some burlap. This one is for the shabby chic house too. I also have the chandeliers ready to go.  Now I just need to build it!
I made this bed for the 4th of July house. It will go upstairs to make a cute little girl's room.
I glued the ruffles on. Sewing them was making them unravel.
This bed is made from more left over stuff. The headboard and footboard are pieces of railing for some house's front porch. I used shutters on the sides of the bed.
And finally, I made a mailbox. More scraps glued together.
Thanks for coming over!


  1. Hi Caroline, I like your little chair and bed. I have enjoyed reading your blog tonight seeing what you have been up to lately. Your houses are awesome. I will be anxious to see more. Have a great week Your Missouri Friend.

  2. Caroline...
    Oh, this is going to be a fun cottage to watch come together.

    I don't have a clue what kind of mirror that is...must hop on over and check it out.

    I can see now that there are a lot of pieces left over from each kit to create new items.... I know I have a bunch just from this first cottage.
    I'm having the best time with Storybook... I can't seem to stop with the outside...hopefully I'll move inside SOON.
    Your chair is is the cute little bed.
    Wish I could figure out what my room was going to be???? Guess that will happen real soon.
    Have fun mini playing.
    I'm always excited when I see your newest post.

  3. I am loving the bed!! So cute. Looking forward to the Shabby House.
    Good Luck

  4. Caroline you have the most amazing imagination, all is great but I really love the touch of the little mailbox with the bee on it - I particularly love that it is made out of scraps. xx

  5. J'aime beaucoup ce lit et le dessus de lit est superbe!!

  6. Fantastic Caroline!! The mirror is gorgeous and I'm impressed by the little chair, you did an amazing job.
    The bed will look beautiful in your girl's bedroom and I really LOVE that little mail box!!
    Vicky xxxx

  7. Caroline!! Que bonito, el espejo te ha quedado fantastico!! y la cama es preciosa, la colcha es bonita, bonita, me encanta quiza yo tambien la haga,Me ha gustado muchísimo!!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  8. I cannot wait to see your new shabby chic home... white and gray are my colors! mirror, key holder, chair, bed, mailbox..... i love all you do!!!!!

  9. What amazing stuff, Caroline!

  10. What cute things, Caroline! I ADORE that little mailbox! Everything is fantastic! :-) Jennifer

  11. Everything is wonderful!
    Bye Faby

  12. Hi Caroline, you made some real sweet things, every single one is soooo lovely !!
    I can't wait for the chabby chic house to see :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  13. You made so many beautiful miniatures and I love them all. Best of all I love the ruffeled rose colored bed spread.
    Great work!

  14. Judging by what you have so far this is going to be a GORGEOUS one!!! LOOOOOVE the bed! I have a few ruffle things pinned on Pinterest and one of them is a ruffle throw and looks like what you've done for your bed. =) I never thought to miniaturize any of it, but I think you're on to

    I really love the things you come up with. Your blog always makes me smile. =)

  15. Hi Caroline,
    Love the lil chair you made, it came out so cute, as well as did everything, can't wait to see how you use it all in your new lil house.

    Yea, I am feeling lots better, still get coughing jags every once in awhile, but been much better today with that. The wedding was a lot of fun, and we needed to get out after being sick for so long.

    Have a good rest of the week hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  16. Your new house will be perfection - as usual! I think my favourite part is the ruffled pink bedding! If my hubby wouldn't toss it out instantly, I'd make one and put it on my own bed just for fun! I'll have to see what I can come up with sometime and make one for a tiny bed of my own! Great job!

  17. Hi Caroline,

    Your chair and bed is so amazing! Great work!

    Pei Li

  18. Consigues todo klos retos que te propones, enhorabuena por todos esos precioso trabajos que has acabado.
    besitos ascension

  19. Oh Caroline, muchas gracias por mirar mi humilde trabajo y que te guste.
    Eres una artesana increible, me gusta tu toque, tu estilo , tienes magia en tus dedos.
    estoy deseando ver tu nueva casa¡¡¡
    Muchos besos


  20. beautiful..amazing work!

  21. Oh Wow Caroline! I adore each piece you have made! The mirror is truly stunning. You must have really had fun with all of this.
    You are the most creative person I have ever met!

  22. I always love everything you do, Caroline. It's amazing what you can put together from bits and pieces. I love your ruffled spread! The little mail box is so cute! That's a great method to make a chair. Thanks for sharing this!

  23. Great work! I love it! :-)

    Hugs Jollie