Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Book To Make Your Own Shabby Chic Dollhouse

My book is here! It's all about making a shabby chic dollhouse start to finish. I have a few to sell here on my blog. Selling it here didn't work out. The PayPal link is not working! So I will put it up in my Etsy Shop:

 If you buy the book directly from me on Etsy I'll send you a little hand painted picture of roses to go above a mantel like the one you see under the crown in the picture below.



There's the button on the right sidebar at the very top of my blog to go to if oyu prefer buying from the publisher. 
I'd also like to thank everyone for the sweet comments on the giveaway. I promise to have another coming up very soon.


  1. How exciting, Caroline! Congratulations! I'm sure your book is full of tons of tips and tricks. What a valuable resource that is really needed for the shabby dollhouse enthusiast. xo Jennifer

  2. Very exciting, I'm sure it will do well. I'm sure many will enjoy your tips. :) Good luck with the sales. :)

  3. Caroline how exciting and wonderful. Congrats and I wish you much success. Carole xox

  4. Hello Caroline.
    Congratulations on your great book, good luck with the sale of it. I have tried to buy one, but failed!
    The reason is perhaps that I am not "paypal" customer, but I would really like to buy one!! Can it be done another way? Maybe directly through you. I have previously purchased through ebay with visas. Hope we can figure it out.

  5. Felicidades por tu nuevo proyecto,te deseo mucha suerte!!
    Tiene que ser un libro maravilloso!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  6. I'm sure the book is wonderful! Good sales! ;)

  7. Dear Caroline, I am sooooo excited!! I am trying to buy the softcover one for international shipping, I click buy now, I get connected to the paypal site, but then I don't know what to do :( I don't see the item to buy, could you help me with the steps afterwards? Thanks for your help. Please save one for me, I want it :)

  8. Me again, I think I managed to send payment with paypal and sent you an email about it. Thanks. Ebru

  9. Wow!! I am so happy for you. Your second book!! I will definitely have to get one very soon. I soooo can't wait to see how you do your magic. I have always loved your houses. You are just so very, very, talented!!!


  10. Enhorabuena por tu fantastico libro!!
    besitos ascension

  11. Morning Caroline,
    Congratulations hon on your new book,
    hope your sales are great. Two books in one year that is quite an accomplishment, I would say!

    Thanks for stopping by, and I am gonna email you.
    Have a great day hon,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  12. Congratulations!
    I had a look at your book, it's beautiful. I'm off to England on Sunday so I will have a better look when I come back.

  13. Congratulations!!!! I bet is a lovely book- your creations are always so beautiful ♥

  14. Wow, congratulations Caroline. It's so generous of you to share your techniques with the mini world and this is such a wonderful idea for a book!!!
    vicky xxx

  15. Caroline, muchas felicitaciones por tu nuevo libro!
    Debe ser un gran tesoro.
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  16. Congratulations! I love the little houses you build on your blog here, you are always so generous with tips and tutorials. I look forward to getting my book, I would love to build a little shabby cottage Cinderella style :)


  17. Congrats on your new book Caroline, it looks gorgeous and I can't wait to order my copy. Right now I'm so busy packaging up and moving to a new home. I'm so excited about this, but gosh do we have lotsa stuff to pack lol. Can't wait to start decorating my new home and to get back to the minis again!! Big hugs