Friday, August 17, 2012

Phoebe's Cottage

I have almost gotten to the end of Phoebe's Cottage.  Marie saw the " Sprinkled With Love" cottage and wanted something very similar.
I also got a new background for my pictures! Now the cottages will look like they are deep in the woods. LOL!  It's a large poster I got at Hobby Lobby.  Just the right scale for the trees too! 

I'm not sure what's going to go above the mantel just yet. I like this little frame. I'll see how Marie feels about it. 

Also the Teeny Weeny Streamside is on its way to Hawaii  for Duanna.  I tried to fit myself into that box, but it was a bit uncomfortable! LOL!

This is a 1/4" scale dollhouse. 
I better get to work on my contest entry for the Greenleaf contest. It's  still missing  roofing material. I'm not sure what I'll use. I'll share pictures with you in September.
Thanks for dropping by!
Hugs all around!


  1. I really like your houses and look forward to what the next build brings.

  2. WOW!!! I am speechless...good thing I can still type.

    I think "Phoebe's Cottage" is some of your best work!! I love the front windows with all the flowers.

    Your new background is just perfect. I would love to be tiny enough to live

  3. La grande y la pequeña son adorables, como de un cuento mágico
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  4. Really cute houses, Caroline! I love your new backdrop--looks great! xo Jennifer

  5. Caroline, All I can say is awesome. I don't have a favorite. I like them all. I think I would like to have gone to Hawaii. So tiny. I thought I would read a while before I call it a day. Have a great weekend Hugs Your Missouri Friend

  6. Oh Caroline,
    I just love Phoebe's cottage it is so cool your lil
    houses go all over the place. Too
    bad you wouldn't fit in the box, I really don't blame you for trying. lol
    I was stunned when I saw how small the shabby streamside cottage was, I had no idea it was that is Phoebe's cottage that same size??

    It is amazing to me that you can make something like a house so tiny, cause it is hard working with teensy things. teeny small is bad
    enough. My hat is off to you honey. You do such marvelous work.
    So enjoy seeing all your creativity and hard but gorgeous work. Hope you are selling oodles of books too.

    Take care hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. Wow Caroline! Your cottages are beautiful. I love the lighted interior and the exterior with all the climbing plants and flowers.
    The poster for a background is a brilliant idea. Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

  8. un trabajo precioso



  9. Hi Caroline,
    Phoebe's Cottage is DIVINE!! It's so magical and dreamy and the background picture really does make it feel like it's set deep in the woods. I really want to live there :)
    The tiny streamside is also gorgeous. You've managed to put so much beautiful detail into it, even though it's so tiny- Amazing!!
    vicky xxx

  10. Beide Häuschen sind mal wieder wunderschön geworden.... wie das verwunschene Haus einer Fee.

    Ganz liebe Grüße schicke ich mit

    PuNo / Monika

  11. Lovely. Phoebe's Cottage looks so inviting. I like the windows very much.

  12. Hi Caroline!This is awesome work, I love it. The background poster is gorgeous for the depth of the forest and I LOVE that tiny Hawaiian house :D!
    Greetings, Ilona

  13. Amazing projects!
    The Phoebe's cottage is beautiful, just like the cottage on a small scale!
    I loved the new setting! ;)

  14. Oh wow Caroline, Phoebe's cottage is breathtaking! When I looked at the first pic I thought it was a real house!!! Every little detail is just amazing!!! Lucky girl who's receiving that one!

  15. Hi Caroline, what an sweet and lovely cottage you made for Phoebe .
    Your houses are always soooo cheerful, I love them all :)
    I was'nt here for a while ( hospital),and now a see you wrote a new book, concratulation !!
    I hope your sold out by now hihihi.

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  16. I adore your small houses, Caroline!
    Love, Susanne

  17. Oh Caroline, Phoebe´s Cottage is just wonderful! Easy to imagine little fairys flying around there and the new background is just perfect - love it! Happy weekend, Sandra

  18. Caroline... Both your little houses are just adorable..Love them!! And, the poster was a brillant idea. I collect fashion dolls and did a poster for them to stand in front of years ago. I love your tree realistic.
    Have a lovely Saturday.

  19. Phoebe's cottage is an absolute delight. The teensy weensy Streamside Studio is going to find the climate in Hawaii a bit of a change from the Catskills ;)

  20. Hello Caroline both of your cottages are amazing The tiny one is fantastic. Phoebe's cottage is stunning. Love the background Its always such a delight to visit your blog.
    Hugs Maria

  21. Una preciosidad.
    Me encanta toda ella y te felicito por el trabajo

  22. Cada vez que entro en tu página me transportas a un mundo mágico, al igual que hoy al ver las dos casas tan preciosas.

  23. Hi Caroline, I discovered your blog some days ago and I simply fall in love with it: your little cottages are really beautiful!!

    Mini hugs,


  24. Hello
    Where is it, once again, an adorable cottage you have made. The new background you made is just amazing. I can not believe, you are able to make the cottage in such a small scala. You are a great artist.

    Wyrna from a fairytale come true

  25. Hi Caroline,

    Just wanna let you to know, that..

    I have nominated you for the ”One Lovely Blog”-award in my blog (^^)

    MiniHugs, Irina

  26. Oh my is so tiny...but so beautyful!!
    So into detail alwys....just georgious!!

    lots of love...Carla.

  27. Troppo dolce questo blog!Non si puo' resistere mi segno tra i seguaci,Rosetta

  28. Your houses are so beautiful. I love your ideas. The fairy will be very happy to live here.
    Hugs from Craftland

  29. Good Morning Caroline, I'm loving how beautiful Phoebe's Cottage is looking. You've done an amazing job and I've loved following along. Awesome job my friend! Carole xox

  30. Caroline, Once again you inspire me with your truly beautiful creations. You are so talented and have found your true calling. I love all of your houses and need to try and make one of my own. I bought one of the kits from Greenleaf two years ago and it has sadly sat in a box. I am going to go and find it and make a start.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration that you instil in others, blessings, Maureen

  31. Oh Caroline! Your newest tiny little cottage is magical! I have seen so many magical posts today...must be a magical day for me : )
    I adore this! I don't know how you do it, but I am thrilled I get to witness your genius creativity!!!

  32. Caroline, both houses are exquisite. Love all your work. I've been M.I.A. because of my pregnancy. But I might build another dollhouse before the baby arrives. Looking forward to your wonderful creations! Your items always adds the perfect touch to my dollhouses.

  33. Oh my goodness... This is gorgeous wishing I could live there!!

  34. I love the 1st one! It's my favorite!

  35. How sweet- I guess Sandy of My streamside studio, must be so excited to see her tiny home made into a miniature cottage by you. I have a tiny 8 x 18 foot home and someone in the miniature world wrote to me and wants to make a mini model of my home. Not near as sweet and charming as Sandra Fosters streamside studio though. You did a great job on getting the look and charm of Sandy's home to shine forth. You are quite the artist.

  36. Wow! Your cottages are beautiful. I love the interior and the exterior with all the climbing plants and flowers.
    Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing.