Thursday, November 1, 2012

French Quarter Custom Dollhouse

My recent visit to New Orleans inspired this French Quarter dollhouse.
I took most of my inspiration for the exterior from Lafitte's blacksmith shop. 
I did the exterior with concrete(premixed stuff that comes in a plastic tub at the home improvement store).  Some I smoothed out like plaster and some I carved into old handmade bricks.

 This side is a whole wall of old bricks, some crooked.
This is an old advertisement for a Bourbon Street dry goods store.  While the glue was wet I manipulated the paper so it would be torn and rippled. I then aged it with a thin(watered down) mixture of black and brown paint.
The old shutters are slightly open.
 This side, I carved large stones.
 I used real twigs to have an old dead vine.

The interior is very aged. I used the same mixture of black/brown paint to get this old look.
The brick wall is concrete carved.  The wallpaper is from the scrapbook department.  The chandelier is battery operated. I made it with wire and crystal seed beads.

I got the columns for the chimney from a scrapbook supplier. 
This mirror is a frame that's a Christmas ornament(photo frame) from Hobby Lobby.  I used a piece of silver cardboard paper(scrapbook) for the mirror. I wasn't sure it would work. But I used a golden brown, black and green. I dabbed it on with a brush. Then I cleaned my brush and took off some of the paint. It worked! It really looks like an antique mirror.  I'll have to do a tutorial about this one.
The curtains are taffeta. They are so stiff naturally that I didn't have to do anything to them. I glued the roman shade in place fold by fold.
This crackled paper and wainscoting is also in the scrapbook isle. 
If you want to purchase this house it's available at CinderellaMoments.

Thanks for the visit!


  1. Wow, that is amazing! Your attention to detail is incredible, the aged tattered poster and the little!!!

  2. I'm impressed that you can continue to be as innovative, So many new decorative details. The slightly open shutters are a nice touch. Again very nice and charming house you have made.

  3. i love this little cottage! The mirror looks just like antique glass :)


  4. Very inspiring, Caroline! I love the interior brick behind the fireplace and the mirror. It's all gorgeous--great work! xo Jennifer

  5. Is wonderful like the others that you do. Congratulations. Hughs.


  6. Love this cottage, it is nicely aged/weathered: great work! Love the little mirror, it looks so realistic. You've done a fantastic job, Caroline!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. You`ve made a lovely house.

    Kind regards Xandra

  8. Me encanta la chimenea!!el cottage, es tan bonito!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  9. Wow Caroline your house is wonderful. I love the mirror and your beautiful chandelier. Fantastic work as usual :)
    Hugs Maria

  10. I admire people can make such a beautiful things. I like the details you have made, especially the old advertisement for the Bourbon street.
    It looks so real!

  11. It's an absolute delight, really like how you've done the brick wall, that 'concrete' is a wonder material isn't it - strong, light, textured and carves like butter.

    I really have a growing yen to do a little 'hideaway' cottage, all sweetness and light so to speak, oh dear - so many ideas so little time!!
    I have a kit in New Zealand that I bought years and years ago and never did anything with, it's got a bit warped I think from sitting in a damp shed, maaybe I should take another look at that and do something with it while we're over there in the summer - although I'm also supposed to be doing some serious painting on the 1:1 cottage as well!! ;)

  12. Another endearing little creation, Caroline! I love those taffeta curtains and how they fall. All the scrapbook paper you used is so lovely, especially the blue one. The mirror is such a nice piece! So many interesting things can be found in those scrapbook departments! I love your chandelier. It seems to be different from the others. Very nice!

  13. Beautiful house, with rare you have bright colors. Perfect mirror - the tutorial tо be very interesting. Interior and exterior walls - as always natural brick and concrete! Fireplace now very elegant. Lovely house!

  14. Una nueva y perfecta creación!!! Me ha encantado todo el envejecimiento de la casa,tanto en el interior como el exterior,un montón de pequeños detalles que hacen de tu casa única!!!!!

  15. Hoi Caroline,
    mag ik in zo'n leuk gezellig huisje wonen??? ha, ha,
    ik vind het er zo mooi uit zien fantastische gewoon.
    ga door met je aparte werk
    groetjes Marja

  16. es una trabajo excelente , ha quedado una casita preciosa



  17. Another precious and gorgeous house!

  18. Otra magnifica inspiración....preciosa como siempre. un saludo , Angeles.

  19. You have done a great job with this house. Thank you for posting so many details. I have enjoyed looking at them all!

  20. Gorgeous as always!! Thank you for sharing the photos.

  21. Great work! I like the roof, but everything is fabulous.
    Bye Faby

  22. Whenever I visit you blog Caroline I am always so amazed by your work!! You have such a unique and special style and your skills are amazing!!
    I LOVE this house, it's gorgeous!!
    Vicky xxx

  23. Your perfect taste and perfect style and great skill!!! It amazes me every time. I want to live in it, so much character :) Great work

  24. Como siempre un trabajo impresionante y la araña una maravilla, es realmente preciosa.

  25. You are truly amazing! What a fantastic piece. The palette is exquisite.

  26. As usual your attention to detail is impeccable. You are such a creative person. It is always a joy to see your magical houses.

  27. Love the colors and the details!

  28. Wow caroline, this house is sooo beautiful !!
    I love the brick wall behind the fireplace, this house is different from your other houses, it looks very old and french, I love it :)
    The aged poster and the antique mirror look amazing !
    You did a great job Caroline!!!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  29. OH MY WORD! I've never seen ANYTHING like this. I am captivated by your creativity. This is the coolest thing ever. I felt like a giant peering into the windows of this realistic house. Your attention to detail is superb and I've had the best time admring this. Do you plan to make a set of these for the Holidays? WAAAAY cuter than the store offerings. ;)
    Lisa xx

  30. Another beauty Caroline, you are so inspirational my friend, another awesome project. Hugs ... Carole xox