Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Dremel Trio Rotary Tool Kit for Your Dollhouse

In my previous post I mentioned that I use the Dremel Trio Rotary Tool kit. And I received a few questions about it. So here's my take on it.
 First off, let me tell you why I went looking for another cutting tool- FEAR!  I have a number of little handheld rotary tools with that spinning saw blade. It's scary! I can just picture my fingers getting cut off.  It's also really noisy when I'm cutting through the wood. I think that adds to the scariness.  I was also afraid of the wood flying into my face and the saw slipping on the wood.
Then I heard about this Dremel.  It's much more control in your hand. It's less noisy as you cut the wood. I'm not scared of anything flying at me.
This tool is $79 at Home Depot. was having a sale for $39 & free shipping. BUT of course when I found out about this saw, the sale was one day expired. Rrrrrrr! So I waited a couple of months. But it didn't go back on sale and even worse it was constantly sold out.  So I went to Ebay where I found this one new, in the box, unopened for $50 including shipping.  Maybe you can do better and find a better price. I was in a time crunch and needed it for a project.
You'll need some practice with it.  You need to get used to this new way of cutting. Plus the tool tends to pull right(for me). 
At first, I was using this saw by staying behind it or on the side of it. This doesn't give you the best control.
I practiced some other ways to cut. Then you can see on the top left I finally figured it out on my last cut(of course!)  What you need to do is put your weight on top of this saw. So you are directly on top of your saw looking straight down at your cut line.  This gives me the best control with no slipping, no straying from my mark lines.
 I hope this helps you a little if you wanted to know more about the Dremel.  I think it's a good buy. Especially if the noisy saws scare you too. 
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Have a great week everybody!
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  1. Thanks for the tips, Caroline. I went to Home Depot but they only stock the Trio at Christmas time so I bought mine online and should get it tomorrow. Can't wait. I'll try your tips!

  2. I would not buy one without first going to Home Depot and having them demonstrate it for me and using it under their supervision first to see if I could handle it. It's a lovely tool, however, and so versatile. Lucky girl!

  3. Поздравляю с прекрасным приобретением! Я пока только мечтаю о таком, пилю всё ручным лобзиком :)
    Удачной недели!
    С любовью из России. Елена.

  4. ...way swell awesome tool review! ~ thankyoU! ~ sO much for another informative post!...'s these sort of posts that are a total boon to the creative muse spirit! ~ blessed be! ~ dear beautiful generous heart!...(0:

  5. Thank you for this post. I have had a Dremel drill for 3 years and never opened the box due to FEAR of the unknown! I really should just take it out to try ...sighhhh

  6. It looks like a nice piece of equipment. I use one a little bigger from a different brand. And like you I have the best control leaning on top. The saw tends to follow the grain in the wood, so maybe that contributes to the pull to the right. go slowly and after some practice it will get better!
    good luck
    Miniature greetings

  7. Thanks for the information, it is increasingly clear to me that great tool is a must, it is now the largest printing on my miniature budget.
    Your new blog is a pleasure to follow so beautiful and charming houses, gives so much inspiration.

  8. This Dremel looks fantastic, Caroline, thanks for sharing the tips how to use it!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. Gracias por la información y me voy a tu otro blog, feliz semana:)

  10. Caroline-you are so kind to post this- thank you so much! I have been thinking of this tool for awhile and now I am watching for a sale. Hope you have a lovely week :)

  11. I think it's great and clearly how you explain it all I am eager to your House hugs Danielle

  12. great tips, I have a faux dremel that I got at Menards that I just sit and look at because I'm afraid to use it..then the cat knocked it over and broke off the big round saw that Rich put on it

    I think I'll go home and try to do your tips, maybe that will get me over my fear of it

  13. Congratulations on your new tool, looks very safe and convenient. It is normal to be afraid of cutting principle, but with a little practice, it sure is easier.

    hugs, Marisa

  14. Looks a really useful tool... thanks for the detailed information!
    Alison x

  15. I got my new Trio today and had my husband give me a "lesson". One of the cool things about this tool is that it doesn't have a saw blade, it's more like a drill bit. So, this means you can make great right angle cuts without having to change your position. He also said to start the tool before starting the cut. It works much better.

  16. Thank you for the tip. I have a table
    Dremel saw with accessories like the trio but it's noisy and makes so much wood dust that I prefer cutting by hand.
    Hugs, Drora

  17. I have borrowed my friends' Dremels for 4 dollhouse builds. Due to your post, I'm going for one for MYSELF :) Thanks so much!

    1. That's fantastic Janine! I think they are still available on Ebay. I now use a scroll saw since I have so many houses to do. But the Dremel was a great tool. Have fun with your house!