Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cozy Cottage: Someone's Moved In!

Remember Cozy Cottage? It's a custom dollhouse I put up for sale in my Etsy shop months ago without any furnishings. I didn't have time to do it. So I decided to list it in case someone would like the chance to decorate their own house.  It didn't sell.... So I got to do the finishing touches!  It was so much fun!  It's now got a definite Pip Studio / Cath Kidston feel.

First, the exterior of the old witches cottage(I got my inspiration for the architecture from the Witches Cottage in Beverly Hills) got some sprucing up! Here's a link to the original Cozy Cottage:
The sides, however, stayed the same.

I added a lantern in the front. The cat, package and doormat are not glued down. But everything else is on the front porch.
The light it gives off right on the stoop is incredible. Like a spotlight!
I made pots, flowers, wreath, the door mat and mushrooms. The only things I did not make were the cat, rabbit and pumpkin.
 The mushrooms are air dry clay. The dirt is coffee grounds.

 I couldn't find a shovel in the stores around here. So I made one out of clay.
The cat is inspecting the package.
Come inside!

Inside, I did not glue things down. The only things that did get glued are the mantel and shelves. Everything else is tacked down with puddy.  So you can play with all of it.

 I wanted color in there. Bright, happy colors like Cath Kidston or Pip Studio.

 The raspberry red wallpaper is actually a Pip Studio design.
 I painted a cake on a black background so it would pop in front of the busy wallpaper.


 These are printed images I put in Melissa Frances frames.
 My first little apron. I've been wanting to try one of these for a while.
 The bed is a Pip Studio design I saw on a ceramic jar. I hand painted it on the footboard and headboard.
 Another cozy bed ready to be jumped in!

The bedding is glued in place.

 I made this vintage stove like my tutorial : 
Except this one has just one oven.

The chandelier also changed. I painted it teal with enamel paint.

   measures: 17 1/4" tall x 15" across x 17" deep
   porch is 2 1/4" deep x 8 1/4" long
   interior 10" across x 12 deep x  14" at tallest part

I hope you enjoyed your visit!


  1. gorgeous! I love how it looks like. Cngratulations·
    A big kiss.

  2. The apron is precious! I also love the little pot on the stove with "steam" coming out of it. Very creative. But my favorite thing of all is the screen door. I'm a sucker for screen doors. You did an awesome job on everything. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Deb! Thanks so much! That's not actually a screen door. But I can see where you got that. It does look like a screen door in some shots! LOL! Just an illusion I suppose! :) Thanks so much for the comments! hugs♥,

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous, Caroline! I love the colors, the cxupcake pillow on the bed, the teal stove, and your hand painted rug. It's wonderful! xo Jennifer

  4. Your house looks great and colorful. So cheerful with many details and ideas. - I have just bought 1:1 pip studio's bed ware for myself. :)

  5. Your house looks great and colorful. So cheerful with many details and ideas. - I have just bought 1:1 pip studio's bed ware for myself. :)

  6. Het is zo prachtig geworden ik geniet er elke keer weer van lieve groetjes Danielle

  7. This cottage is wonderful and whimsical! I do love the arched roof and the long shingles, its fantastic!

    The little homey details have really made this cottage look so wonderful and this stove is perfect again!

  8. Maravilloso!! este estilo de decoración gipsy chic me encanta, de hecho estoy transformando una casita con este estilo: lunares, rojo, azul...

  9. Sin palabras otra verdadera obra de arte, me encanta este estilo, creo que deberías de darle un nombre porque es único. Distinguiría tus miniaturas entre un millón, no hay nada igual.
    Un abrazo.

  10. Oh, that is adorable!!! It looks like something a female fairy tale character would stumble on while out in the forest, then decorate it all bright and girly:) Definitely very Cath Kidston! I love the little lantern outside, how cool that it actually works too:)

    Another amazing little creation!!!

  11. I like the colorful interior. The exterior is amazing, especially the cat near the door.

  12. Once again, simply delightful. And I always cheer whenever I see mushrooms anywhere :-)

  13. It's so cute with the little Kitty cat at the front door :) He's so cute.


  14. Charming cottage, Caroline, colorful work!
    Will it still stay a house for witches? If so, they are modern :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  15. Your little cottage is beautiful so cheerful and fun. I love the bed. The stove is fantastic all the details are wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  16. This is so much fun! I already loved the wallpapers but the reds with the pop of turquoise in the chandelier and stove are perfect! :) Love the hydrangeas in the front and the mini mushrooms. Nicely done!

  17. ADORABLE! Caroline, I just love this cottage with its randomness in shape, especially the roof, the lovely bright furniture and the landscaping. The kitten peeping out the the door is a lovely touch too. Such a cheerful build that makes me smile.

  18. Que bonita,pero bonita de verdad,te ha quedado!!! Ese exterior rústico y colorido por las plantas y flores y el interior tan acogedor y lleno de vida con el estilo de Cath Kidson,me parece precios!!!!!

  19. Wow! I love this! I love how the roof is a bit crocked! I did love it before too, but I do think you have improved it =) (didn't think that was possible, but you did)
    The mushrooms are a nice touch, well-made too! And the flowers are beautiful! And the shovel is great!!! Looks like someone actually used it =) And I love the chandelier!

  20. This cottage really deserves its name, it's so cozy. I love the armchair and the way you dressed the bed. Wonderful style in this cottage.

  21. Hoi Caroline,
    ik vind het zo mooi geworden, geweldig.
    zo lief je hebt hard gewerkt.
    groetjes Marja

  22. It really is a fairy tale house. I think of "Hans & Grete". The pancake house.
    You have done a great job so well indoors as outdoors.

  23. You`ve made a lovely cottage..again.

    Kind regards Xandra

  24. Hi did a amazing job small t hings can be so the things (creations) you make.
    Lots of love...Carla

  25. Me encanta esta nueva casa, es alegre, divertida, llena de maravillosos detalles.
    El tejado me parece encantador y como siempre un trabajo fantástico.
    Un abrazo.

  26. Hi Caroline! Well, this cottage was Charming the first time you showed it, but now it is simply ENCHANTING! I love the way you have mixed the colors and the patterns together and the arrangement of the furniture makes everything so very cosy. The vintage stove is a Knock Out and the steam coming up from the pot tells me that someone is most Definitely at home here! :D
    Both Beautiful and intimate, everywhere you look!


  27. Wow domek jest śliczny ;-) Pozdrawiam

  28. Oh Wow it is all so Incredibly Beautiful - Love that tiny upholstered chair so Much and all the Beautiful Spring Touches - Awesome! :)

  29. Hi Caroline,
    Oh my goodness, this is so cute, it looks like it could be a grinch house with the crooked roof and chimney. Love
    all the bright colors too. so so cute and charming.
    Love how you did the roof too, all the things you made were simply adorable, as always.
    So how about you, how are you doing these days??
    Is your leg all healed up now?? surely hope so.

    Well, you take care hon,
    Somehow you have not been coming up on my blog roll for some reason and I was thinking I haven't heard from
    Caroline in awhile, so better go check on her, and here
    you have been posting right along but don't know why
    they haven't come up, that has happened to me with
    other blogs as well, don't know why.........
    Oh well, that is blogland I guess.......

    Take care hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  30. Nice and so happy. I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!