Tuesday, February 10, 2015

La Maison de Ville Dollhouse

I built a little cottage called La Maison de Ville . It's adapted from the Ballerina Studio.  This was a commission from Stephanie.
This one is a cream color.  Ballerina Studio was more on the yellowish side.
This one has a full upstairs as well.
The door is a bluish gray color.
This house is 19 3/4"(50.16cm) tall x 12 3/4"(32.38) deep x 11 1/2"(29.21cm) across.
I love this side of the house. There is something so country and charming about it.
I trim all my windows with Popsicle sticks.
Stephanie wants the interior all white and ready for her personal touch. The interior rooms are 8"(20.32cm) tall x 11"(27.94cm) across x 10 1/8"(25.71cm) deep.
I decided that ladder stairs were the best option for this house. They can be easily removed to work on the wall treatment in the back.
With 3 windows, the upstairs is nice and bright!
The battery and switch are in the chimney.
This photo reminds me of a Paris roof.
Thanks for coming over and visiting La Maison de Ville!
I'm working on my next book on building a french mansard dollhouse. So far I have the house cut out. It goes very slow. My objective is to make sure things stay clear, simple and easy to understand. I hope you are all having fun too!
And here's a photo of Gigie my baby Ragdoll!
Photo by Sophie Dupuis
She turned 3 months on the 6th. She is completely potty trained! I wasn't sure the first few days I had her. I kept looking to see if I saw anything in her litter pan. At first she didn't do much. So I was thinking she was using a secret spot. But no. She is such a good girl. I have never had a cat that loves kisses and hugs before.She is quite independent. But she still makes time for cuddling. Thank you for all the sweet comments about her. I'm so surprised so many of you know ragdolls. I had never heard of them before.
This is the good part of life! I'm glad God brought her into my life. I hope all of you have good things happening as well. If not, just know great things are coming. So hold on a just bit more. ♥


  1. Caroline, your comments are just so incredibly kind and sweet and I had to comment. There is no wonder why you make such beautiful houses, as you, dear lady, are beautiful from the inside out! I am always so happy to see that you have a blog post as you bring such light and life into my day, and, I suspect those of many others! Thank you so much!

  2. La Maison de Ville es simplemente...hermosa!!!! Con todo el interior blanco en el que destacará la decoración elegida.La estructura es fantástica,la fachada adorable con la planta trepadora,me gusta muchísimo!!!!
    Veo que estás muy trabajadora con tu nuevo libro.ánimo!!!!
    La foto de Gigie es tan adorable!!!!

  3. Hi, The house looks enchanting! Love it!

  4. Hi Caroline,
    your La Maison de Ville is beautiful, love the wall texture, colors and these climber plants, all looks fantastic!


  5. Wow this house is gorgeous! I enjoyed looking at each photo. Thanks for sharing. Gigie is so adorable.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. I must have missed something because I did not know that you have a sweet little girl. She will love to play in your workshop and help out, even. Oh the adventures you two will have. Love the little house, especially the drippy chandelier. I have been making Valentines, so. Ow I have to clean up that mess and start on the dollhouses. I will shingle the ballet studio and it will be finished. Then I will work on the old farm house. The wiring needs replaced, which I have started, but the big job is to remove the old wallpaper scraps left stuck to the walls and the old glue. I will paint the interior wall and add lights, and repair the exterior. The. I don't know what I will do with it. Next I have a Drua Craft kit farm house to build, and soon it will be time to garden. Happy Valentine's Day.

  7. The house is really gorgeous. I love the color of the front door and the rooftop photo. Gigie is a little doll. I'm so glad she's bringing you so much joy. Thanks for the little pep talk--it brightened my day! xo Jennifer

  8. As soon as I saw your new house I found it had a French look, specially on the first photo. And seeing the roof even more. It's a really gorgeous house.

  9. La Maison de Ville really looks like a French house, Caroline, it's gorgeous! I love the brick work at the exterior, it's indeed so country and charming :)!
    It's so nice that your kitten brings you so much joy, enjoy :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Just love the architectural elements on the roof of this one. Wish I could imagine doll houses that pretty but I'll just have to wait for your book. Love your sweet kitty and hope she brings you many years of love like Mia did!
    Hugs, Theresa

  11. Impresionante Caroline, núnca puedo imaginar que hagas una casa mejor y sin embargo lo consigues.
    Estoy deseando ver el interior, porque el exterior me ha enamorado, igual que tu preciosa gatita.
    Un abrazo

  12. Your house is beautiful I love it. The roof is fantastic. I saw your wonderful tutorial on the March issue of the Dollshouse World magazine. I hope to try this one day :)
    Hugs Maria

  13. Your kitten is adorable! I love black cats....but all mine have been short haired.
    The Maison is Completely charming! I love the front facade and the windows in the roof.... it is really very French!!!

  14. La casa se vé muy hermosa. Buen trabajo! Gigie es adorable. un abrazo, Marisa

  15. Ciao ..!!
    Your work is fantastic ..!!! Le Maison de Ville is gorgeos ..!!!
    Compliments ..!!!

  16. This cottage is enchanting!
    Gigie is adorable.

  17. Prachtig Caroline zo mooi ik krijg er geen genoeg van om te kijken lieve groetjes Danielle

  18. This house is too cute, Caroline, as if your other houses aren´t ;-)

  19. О! Какая милая и ласковая девочка! Она вас радует и обнимает! :) :) :) :)
    Ваш дом очарователен! Очень красиво!

  20. Una casa muy bonita y original.Con una preciosa estructura.
    El gatito es una monada

  21. Absolutely adorable! You have inspired me to make a little mini cottage for my next projekt! What would life be without our sweet cats and dogs! I have three "hairballs" myself ;)

  22. Me encanta el estudio es una preciosidad, gran trabajo.
    Un abrazo.

  23. Caroline, the house is just beautiful. I am always amazed at your work. All the details with the roof, brick, etc. Splendid! I have never heard of ragdolls but your cat is so pretty and cuddly looking!
    Diane xo

  24. The lines on this build are particulary wonderful, the tall windows and the door framing make it look so majestic for its small footprint!

    I am happy your little baby is a sweet muse, I wonder has she started "helping" you yet, with things that may drop on the floor?

    When she gets to the "sitting in the houses" stage, be sure to take some pictures ;P

  25. This new house is amazing as always!
    I love Gigie, she is adorable! Big hugs for her.
    Hugs for you too

  26. So beautiful Caroline I've begun my fairy house have to finish cutting one out almost done camt wait to really get into designing it ️thanx for your great plan juggles Deni

  27. Hi Caroline
    The house is gorgeous.....but then everything you do is amazing.
    All the best

  28. What a beautiful house, Caroline! I think it's my preferred... So many details... The door framing is gorgeous, I like the french roof, all
    architectural elements are great... and your Gigie is very cute!!!

  29. Hoi Caroline,
    ik blijf me verbazen dat je iedere keer weer zo'n mooi huisje maakt.
    groetjes Marja

  30. Bellissima Maison...bellissima Gigie!!!Compliments!

  31. Cheers Caroline! Every time I visit your site I feel like I'm visiting a great architectural designer whom designs charming little villages. Wouldn't it be fun to lay out all your little houses outside with little pebbly paths, picket fences and yards?! It would be cinderella village. Hahaha

  32. Gigie is so super adorable! Love the new house and all the large windows to make it bright and airy inside. The ladder is a fun alternative to the stairs; it contributes to the feeling of extra space.

  33. Is there a book out for the Maison de Ville? I would like to attempt one but with a 1/6 scale. My daughter is just getting into the dollhouse phase, and I suspect my interest in it will last longer that hers. So I would like to make something I won't mind looking at when she is no longer interested. And hopefully it would be something we could work on together. If no book yet, could it be done using one of the other books? Which do you recommend?

  34. Is there a book out for the Maison de Ville? I would love to attempt this but with a 1/6 scale. I love the exterior features and the pitched roof upstairs. My daughter is just getting into the dollhouse phase and I suspect my interest in it will last longer than hers. So I am hoping to make something I won't mind looking at when she is no longer interested. And I hope we can work on it together. If no new book, could I use one of the other books? Which do you recommend?

    1. Hi Barbara! I don't have a book on this particular house. I used a Primrose kit as a base for this one: http://shop.greenleafdollhouses.com/All-Wood-Primrose-Dollhouse-Kit.html
      I raised the attic walls by about 2" with a strip of wood on all 3 walls. Then I cut out 2 roof windows and some side windows. And I built up that porch area. The house is covered with concrete. Check my resource page for a link to that.
      Dollhouses are not very hard. Just have a vision and take it one step at a time.
      If I had to pick one book that had the easiest house I think it would be the Shabby Chic Dollhouse. It's very girly and timeless. I can put that dollhouse anywhere in my house and it always looks like a little piece of art as opposed to a toy.
      Hope this helps! If you have more questions email me at cinderellamoments@outlook.com
      I'll be happy to help!

  35. I missed this at the time, but so happy that I just caught it on Pinterest - absolutely stunning - a definite favourite for me. Love, love, love it!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2016 - onwards with the creative adventures.
    Alison xx

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