Thursday, March 5, 2015

Petite Maison de Jardin Custom Dollhouse

It's another little shed! Spring must be on it's way right? Although the snow outside(yes- I'm in Dallas, Texas and there's snow!) suggests otherwise. But I was in the mood to make a little dollhouse potting shed again.
I just love playing with all the little garden objects.  I used leftover dollhouse pieces to create the little structure which stands 13 3/4" tall. 6 1/2" long for the house alone and 12 1/4" with the house and yard. 8 1/4" across.
The vegetable garden is 4 rows of clay mounds under coffee grounds(dirt). 
 The walkway is covered with sand gravel usually used for the bottom of candle jars. And my grass is moss. By the way, if your moss ever stiffens just give it a spritz with water and it will re-soften.
I bought the wagon and dipped it into paint stripper. Then I painted dots and roses and added rust(golden brown paint). The watering can is also a piece I bought and repainted. I made the crates. All the vegetables are air dry clay. The potatoes have a little coffee ground dirt on them.
I hand painted this little cardstock paper bunting banner.  There's a little light under the porch.
The shovel is air dry clay. My hose is a piece of plastic kids use to make necklaces. I painted it with acrylic paint and made the end piece with hot glue painted silver.
Yes, that's a pie on the ledge. Maybe you get hungry while you garden? Maybe you have to keep a close eye on your baked goods? It's just cute so I had to put it there. It's air dry clay with some glitter that looks like sugar on top.
Here's the switch(it's that little white piece). The battery is also hidden under the vines.
This is birch strips as siding. I buy them at HobbyLinc online.
I made most of the things inside the shed.
The only things I did not make were the tools and toolbox.
The bags of dirt are actually just printed off Google image search. I think they are images. I just printed 2 pictures for each side of the bag and glued them together with Aleene's Tacky Glue. Let dry completely and fill.  It actually worked. I thought they would not be fat enough. But they look good.
The window shade is actually a bamboo place mat. I cut it to size and whitewashed it. Then finished it off with strips of fabric.
I made the sink too.  The sink basin is a little plastic part that came in packaging. You can use packaging from condiments too. I paint it with primer and then with silver. The spout is a thick wire piece. The handles are beads. All the curtains are sprayed with hairspray to have them look more realistic.
This little house is available at
Here's little Lizzie enjoying life.
 She's becoming a real model! And no, she does not like Gigie's company yet. Lizzie is not really the type to like pets. So I'm not very hopeful there. Lizzie likes her privacy!
And Miss Gigie not enjoying the outdoors. She hates outside. And she doesn't care for snow. I have to be really quick to take photos. She runs back inside right away. Which is an excellent thing!  Don't worry this is my upstairs balcony so there's no chance of escapes or mishaps. Just a little 1 second stroll. LOL! She's growing like a sprout! And has a very, very big appetite. She's now 4 months old.
Thank you so much for the visit. I appreciate it so much!


  1. The Garden Shed is just so cute. I am always amazed at the detail that you use to make your little houses dreamy and realistic at the same time. And thank you for telling us how you create and paint your items. We have seen the Dallas snow on TV. My brother lives near Austin and had plans to go to Ft. Worth/Dallas but called them off, happy he did. He is a colorado kid but has lived in Texas for so many years that I think he has forgotten snow. You all had more snow than we have had. LOL. I think my fav thing this time is the potatos. We will be planting ours in a couple of weeks. I am glad that you updated us on Lizzy, too. I have been wondering how she likes her new housemate. We have the pointer and a cat whose best freind (only friend) was the last pointer who liked him, too. This new pup will never learn to be kind to the cat. He and Lizzy would have lots of notes to compare. I do carry on. Waiitng for the next little house.

  2. I 100% LOVE IT!!! :D The little veggie garden is just the right size for the shed and the way that you have made the accessories for the front and the interior is simply wonderful! :D Spring has surely sprung in Dallas Texas, and shown us another Delightful Cinderella Moment! :D


  3. Hi Caroline Just when i think you have made the cutest house then in pops another one, the potting house is adorable! I love it!
    really love the furniture you have made, mine never seems right I guess I need to learn that my messy pieces are AOK! lol what adorable furry friends you have!

  4. Love the house - gorgeous. Of course Lizzie and Miss Gigie are adorable too.

  5. Greetings from Finland! Lot of snow here also... Your shed is so beautifull with lot of amazing little things! I love the harmony of colours.

  6. wow, Caroline, you always let me impressed! It is amazing, beautiful ... the cabin is great and the interior is lovely. all the details are so adorable .... the car, toolbox, ... could not pick one thing, I love everything and all. one inpresionante work.
    A big hugs. :0)

  7. It is really adorable little house, Caroline!
    All these attractive details outside please me a lot. And inside, your furniture and decoration is also beautiful. So cute!!! Congratulations!
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Precioso!!!!
    Yo no me preocuparía por Lizzy y Gigie :) Todos mis perros y gatos, después del recelo inicial, han acabado siendo muy buenos amigos :)
    Un beso!

  9. Gorgeous! Lovely colours! And it makes me want to see plants in my garden.

  10. Your little potting shed is so adorable! I love the little painted wagon:) I bought a Dura Craft kit from the 80's, called Sweetheart Cottage. My husband and I are going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to get some supplies then he's going to help me put it together...I think he's secretly really excited about it too:) I'll be stalking your blog a lot for tips and idea's!

    Poor Lizzy, she's not loving the cuteness competition she has now but maybe they'll grow to love each other!

  11. Wow! Not only is this little potting house beautiful, it has your special touch. No one can doubt that it is your work.
    Lizzie and Gigie are adorable.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.
    Hugs, Drora

  12. Those bags of dirt really do look like the real deal. I'm impressed! I love the garden... the detail of the pie on the windowsill... THE WAGON!!!! I really love that wagon.

    It's amazing how expertly you've hidden the light switch. Only yesterday I got out my Tim Holtz miniature light/lantern and am trying to find a way to attach it to my fairy tree. Lighting really does make a house come to life, so I can't wait to use it!

    I'm super jealous of the snow you've gotten. Dallas seems to get snow every year, and every year I'm so envious of that. (Since Dallas is just a few hours away from me. I live in Warda now). Enjoy your snow!!! I hope your pets enjoy it, too. (I'm even jealous of them in that snow).

    And don't feel too upset over Lizzie and Gigie's not bonding. I had two cats, that were mother and daughter, and they hated each other their entire lives. The only time they tolerated one another was once, when they had litters at the same time. (They swapped their kids! It was hilarious to watch). The rest of the time they ignored each other, and would only acknowledge one another with a hiss. But I have a feeling that eventually Lizzie (adorable name!) and Gigie will become better friends.

  13. What a gorgeous potting shed with all of its wonderful details. You make pretty much everything yourself--wow! Your sweet pets are so photogenic and adorable. Thanks for sharing, and keep warm. xo Jennifer

  14. Hi Caroline! Despite of the snow I think that spring is just around the corner of your house because there are some well growing veggies in the garden ;O!! Your new petite maison de jardin is absolutely adorable and so cute to see.
    Lizzie and Gigie, well, I hope they'll ever love each other ....once :)! But I think both are good photo models, isn't it :D!?
    Hugs, Ilona

  15. So wonderful and bright! Oh I am just gazing at your lovely shed and thinking on warmer days. My ground is under about 2 feet of ice and snow I wonder if it will ever look like your little green scene again!! ;)

    One of the projects Ive always loved are the garden shed and pottings scenes, yours is certainly going in my inspiration to see which one to play with first..big life or little ;)

  16. Que Deus te dê um esplendoroso dia, com raios luminosos que te possam clarear os olhos para ver o quanto és importante. Deus Pai te fez assim: mulher importante e figura do próprio amor. Ele te moldou como uma rosa: forte e justa como os espinhos, linda e suave como as pétalas. (fonte:aqui)

    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  17. Oh hey, what did u think of Blackthorn Bog Dragon Hatchery? I thought it would b a fun halloween piece. Maybe someday I will take a Rik Pierce class. ; )

  18. Me ha encantado ese pequeño huerto tan bien surtido de vegetales,todos los pequeños utensilios que se pueden necesitar para trabajarlo,las plantas que crecen con vigor subiendo por el precioso como un cuento hecho realidad!!!!!
    Disfruta de la nieve y de tus pequeñines Lizzie y Gigie!!!!!

  19. Very beautiful and detailed. The vegetable garden is amazing.
    Your pets are adorable.

  20. Прекрасная работа! Вы очень талантливая леди! Ваши работы обладают легкостью и волшебством! Удивительно!

  21. Guauu Caroline, me encanta ese cobertizo no le falta de nada, y el huerto está genial.
    Realmente fantástico.
    Feliz domingo.

  22. This is absolutely adorable! I love it!

  23. It's adorable Caroline! I love the smaller houses with yardage. You do so well on the garden and vegetables too! Coffee grounds does look like dirt and your potatoes are sooooo cute! Can hardly wait to get out in the garden now.
    Hugs, Theresa

  24. I love this little gardening house, all the details are so sweet. Another amazing work. Congratulations :-)

  25. Excelente trabajo! Disfruta de la nieve. un abrazo, Marisa

  26. Maravilloso trabajo, siempre consigues sorprenderme con esas perfectas y mágicas miniaturas.
    Un abrazo.

  27. Your little shed and garden are fantastic. I love all the tiny details that make this so adorable. The little wagon is beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  28. Maravillloso, la casa..el huerto...esas plantas que trepan por la fachada...todo es precioso.
    Lizzie y Gigie, son como los buenos hermanos, siempre riñendo pero se adoran.
    Un abrazo

  29. This is fabulous as usual! I think I like the curtains the best... Hmmmm, now the wheels are turning! :)

  30. Ik vind het zo knap van je dat je ook zo leuk voor oplossinge zorgt en bedenkt zo geweldig gedaan weer Caroline lieve groetjes Danielle

  31. A lovely celebration of Spring even if it doesn't feel like it here in New Hampshire!

  32. I love this structure. I want a real one for my back yard... So very cute and very real looking.

  33. Hoi Caroline,
    wanneer ga je oogsten in je tuintje. ha
    dan kom ik bij je eten.
    ziet er heel gezellig uit.
    groetjes Marja

  34. I love this, I love to have it in 1:1 scale =) I'm totally in to gardening this year, but I dont have a garden... But a big balcony and lot of pots =) I wish I was good at making miniature flowers and gardens, but it is just too hard =) But you always manage to make it so beautiful! Great details, like the pie =) and every thing is just so beautiful and give me a great feeling just looking at it!!
    Happy spring

  35. This shed is so cute. Did you make the chandelier or the little house?
    If you did would you do a tutorial?

  36. Oh yes, I have to try and make a shed...I just inherited a fine, but small doll house... I don't know where to start redecorating the inside and around the outside... just jump in some where I guess. Your things are just so lovely... I always miss the sales... so I have my quiet time just absorbing your blogs... thank you for the inspiration, you're great!

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